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Reminder about changes coming

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Reminder that this summer has some time sensitive changes.

Credits/account balances. If you have a credit from the pandemic please contact me ASAP to make arrangements. My normal time limit for credits is a season (upto a year for special situations). However I extended this time limit during the pandemic and I will honor credits this summer. After this summer the credits from winter 2020 to summer2021 will expire unless you arrange otherwise with me personally. More details...

Mitigations, masks, etc. Currently I am Not requiring masks or distancing. They are welcome for families who wish to use them and I have policies to adapt to your needs. Because the situation is constantly changing I can't guarantee what locations will do if we have a spike but I highly doubt we will go back pre spring mitigations. Watch my health&safety special posts for me details. More info...

Digital Materials. Kindermusik is offering downloading of digital materials for a limited time this summer until July 31. Here is a link to how to access your digital account/materials through computer website and phone/tablet APP...

Unlimited streaming. After July 31st Kindermusik International is transitioning to an unlimited streaming platform for those registered. This means starting Aug 1st families who are registered will have access not just to the current theme but Kindermusik's Complete Library for your child's Level. I will also be adding a digital access options for those who wish to continue to have access to any library level but are taking a break from in-person classes. This option will include access to me via zoom for instruction & guidance on how to use your music, activities, books at home.

Physical Materials. They are staying! There will be changes (more options, updates, a few things are being phased out)-- I have a plan and most of the changes families will either not notice or actually like. Some playsets, instruments, and carrying cases (these things are expensive to create & ship) will only be available while supplies last. Music CD's are also continuing to be phased out and will no longer be sold (I will have some to lend out). Some books & music are also being updated- some just with small changes, some books or pieces will be phased out and new ones put in place (this is something that is always happening in Kindermusik so that we stay current and licensed). I will be creating a lending library with many of the playsets, carrying case, books, CD's. Even though some cost increases are unavoidable, these changes will help us to limit them as much as possible.

Donations for Lending Library. Since I will be trying to have multiple copies of things to lend out to families, I am asking for donations. I already have some things but will be looking to increase what i have. Please think of donating old Kindermusik materials especially CD's so families who still wish to use them can have a turn!

My personal studio is also changing payment, accounting, and other administrative processes. As you probably know the payment system with my private website has always been a bit glitchy and stange and I've finally had enough! Plus I wanted to make things more modern, automatic prorating, online registration & picture release, payment options & account details. With the new system all that can be able to be managed by each family through their my.kindermusik account. Your my.kindermusik account is already where your digital materials are and now you will be able to manage your payments from there too.

This slimmed down and more online accessible website, class listing, and payment system linked to Kindermusik is here in this link...

And you will be able to set up and access your account through

One last change coming.

Communications with the studio & KindermusikbySally family.

To become more efficient I have decided to change a few things about how I send out important information to parents.

I will continue to communicate on personal information your chosen platform… text, email, paper, social media/messenger. However for mass info like when studio changes happen (illness, weather, policies, schedules, etc) I have decided to automate. I post on my platforms, create posts on my blog. In the past I also did emails and texts individually. But classes grow I am having trouble managing this so starting this summer I will start using mass text or email for announcements like class changes for illness, weather, holidays, schedule/calendar, registration.

To hear announcements for cancelations & changes the options will be…

*social media: become & manage announcements yourself by following media accounts,

*the most definite way to see announcements on social media is to becoming a member of the private Facebook group and to adjust settings to be sent announcements. This is also a great place to talk to other KindermusikbySallycommunity members and see extra inspirations that I post.

**if you don’t do social media you can get a similar experience by become a member of my website blog. I’m still trying to see if I can set posts so they are sent to members😬. Right now I think you have to manage or check it yourself. It’s another great place to talk to community members, get inspiration, and announcements

*** You will be able to ok mass text on your account (still working out how to do this). Kindermusik already requires an email for access to digital materials and for announcements.

**** If you don’t want to ok even a personal email that can be used, then you can make special arrangements with me for everything to be done by paper- paper materials, paper registration with limited info shared with KI. This will limit your access to physical materials only and it will limit the info/announcements you receive automatically. But you are still welcome!

More Info on These in a Future Post

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