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Sand, Water fun AtHome

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

I will be posting ideas and fun explorations here for this months focus on wind, water, sand.

Don't forget to look at your app for age/class appropriate books & music!!

Also we'll have physical books in class- you can choose one per term to take home & keep.

Super simple home made kinetic sand recipe. Although there are lots of different recipes out there I found this to be the easiest to share...

5 parts sand, 3 parts corn starch (or flour), 1 part oil. Because it can be any container or amount it's so easy to do. And it creates easily moldable sand out of any sand.

For a vertical or physical trip for your songs....

the Corpous Christi area Sept-Oct has lots of SandCastle fun. South Padre Isl has a Sandcastle Day festival in early October and a lot of the resorts and beaches in the area do events throughout Sept getting ready for the main event. You can always see great pictures online

The Texas coast is one of the premier places for international sandcastle competitions with events all year round. In Aug Galveston has a big one. But the biggest is probably Port Aransas which in now in April (to avoid hurricane season I'm sure).

After looking at those sandcastle pictures.

Make your own at Home (kinetic sand recipe above)

Here's a video (can also be seen on the KM app)

Check out these books & albums on your account access...

For Foundations (0-18months)

albums: Nature Walk & BlueBird & Music Makes myDay & BusyDays

Books: WiggleWaggle, Birds of a Feather, The Rhythm of My Day

For Level 1 & mixed age 0-2. You will receive the library for Level 1 if you'd prefer infants library please contact me.

Albums: PlayTime, BigBackYard, Wiggle&Giggles

Books: Watch Me, In My SandBox, Peekaboo

For Level 2 & mixed age 1-3/2-4. You will be the L 2 library, if you'd prefer the one year old or 3 year old library please let me know.

Albums: Beach Days, Wiggle&Grow, Down on Ground

Books: Watch Me, 123Octopus & Me, Listening Walk

For Level 3 & mixedage 2-5. You will receive L3 library, if you prefer library for 2 yros please let me know.

Albums: MakeBelieve, See what I saw, In My Garden, Home Sweet Home

Books: Wrong Word Pirate, Big Blue Boat, Sweat Pea, Ant Picnic

For Level 4 and Mixed 3&4 (without parents).

Albums: Toys &Trips, Sounds Abound, Giggles, Rhythm of the Land

Books: Big Blue Boat, TreeHouse, Peddle Push

Level 5 will have weekly AtHome Lesson sheets with music listening, activities, and books/stories often from the world of the Arts like the ballet Peter and the Wolf,

Inspiration for the season from the arts...

Classical: Carnival of Animals from Saint-Saëns,

Theater: The Lion King musical

Modern kids movies: Finding Nimo, Coco

Modern music: LaBamba from RichieValens or LosLobos, check out the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela

Classic family movie: The Princess Bride (which has it's 35th anniversary this month).

As the season goes on look for posts with more music, books, and ideas

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