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School Year plan

Updated: Sep 15

It’s time for the school year/fall schedule to start

I’ll be updating this post through out the month to talk about scheduling changes.

My posts can get long sometimes so if you have any questions, just contact me😉

*August to September will be the last opportunity for a while to use the $40 trial special. Great opportunity for new families! (Scroll down for more details).

*Labor Day break will be Aug 25- Sept 6

*Fall begins the week of Sept 7th- 14th depending on class. Current and 2020 registered families have priority. However, all families must rsvp to have a spot held. More details farther down the post. Open enrollment has already started.

* If you want to hold a space for the whole season you will need to get either a season pass or a subscription membership to do so. If you can’t please contact me for other arrangements.

* openings and possible additions listed below

Trial Special. The special will be gone in September & October. In Aug you can still take advantage of $40 to Try out all that KindermusikbySally has to offer … up to 4 in person classes and digital access (app & computer) OR you can choose to mix digital, physical books, instruments, in-person classes, themed crafts, etc. Class date/times must be scheduled with me, where space is available. For a spot to be held past Sept you must make arraignments for either the pass or membership Or be put on space available list.

Current schedule/openings

parent/caregiver with child classes *Monday 6pm ages 0-2 in Cibolo

*Tuesday 9:00am Baby-toddler 0-2 in NB

*Tuesday 10:30am mixed age ages2-5 in NB

*Tuesday noon mixed age ages1&2 in NB

*Wednesday 10am mixed (right now any age) in Cibolo,

*Thursday 8:45am mixed ages 2-5 in Cibolo *Thursday 10am mixed age (right now any age) in Cibolo

*Thursday 11:30am Baby 0-1 in Cibolo

*Thursday 6pm ages 2-5 in Cibolo

available for spots for Small group Lesson-prep classes ….

these Classes are without parents (although there is a short 5/10 min share time at end)

*L3-5 small group lessons (without parents) Tuesdays or Wednesdays 3:30pm/4pm time pending *L5 Young Child music at 5pm

I also would like to offer another baby class time so if you are interested in a baby class please let me know day/time/locations that would work for you. The Fall schedule is obviously evolving so I’ll post on the blog & Facebook community page as changes happen.

Rest of the school year 21-22:

My regular schedule includes weeks for makeups and holiday breaks. Fall is Sept7- Nov 30 (end date is contingent on needed makeups and holiday specials I offer).

I break Thanksgiving week and for the Dec-Jan holidays (Dec17-Jan3).

Winter which is usually from Dec to March- this year exact time frame and how fees will be handled will depend on the Covid situation and makeups from Fall.

I take off a week in March for spring break.

Spring is Mar21- May26

I take off a week in April (11-18) and a week in May (27-June6) for holidays. I have not made plans for the rest of 2022

health & safety protocols right now And it is now clear that they are likely to stay through the fall😢. Adults & older children are using masks indoors - to see an explanation/details see the health & safety blog posts or contact me.

Payments, Credits. No commitment monthly special will be ending at the end of the summer. Season pass (pay up front for 3 months) and monthly membership (auto pay each month) will be available. I will still honor your credits and make adjustments to pass fees or offer additional physical materials. And since we still have risk and mitigation, I will hold your credits into 2022. Contact me personally for specifics about your personal account and to set up either a season long spot or a space available list.

Discontinue Contact. For those who want to discontinue contact with the studio. Please email, text, messenger me with one of the following requests…

*request/please take me off your seasonal list

*request/please remove my contact information altogether

note: if I remove your contact information from my records all together then I will not contact you for any reason unless you contact me. Any credits left will expire Jan 2022 without further notice. I wish you well in your future.❤️

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