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Special August schedule

August this year has extra change- not only are many schools starting even earlier this year but Kindermusik International is finalizing some long planned changes. Through the summer I have tried to make the changes as seem less as possible but there are going to be bumps as I learn to manage the new rules and system- have mercy on me🙏.

Because of lower attendance, moving & school schedules some classes are being paused or will have slight schedule changes.

All currently attended classes in Schertz/Cibolo will stay the same…

Mon5:15pm mixedage L2 (all ages & caregiver)

Tue 3:30pm lesson L3-5 ( 4-8 drop off)

Wed 10am L2 (2&3yos)

Wed 4:30pm lesson L3-5 (4-8 drop off)

Thur 10am mixedage L3 (2-5 & caregiver &siblings also welcome)

Thur 11:30am L1 (babies & 1yo)

Thur 6pm mixedage L1 (all age, focus on 1 yos & caregiver)

NewBraunfels classes on Tuesday morning will have some changes because of attendance:

Tue 9:15am L1- paused till Sept

Tue 10:30am mixedage- paused till Sept

Tue noon we may have classes on Aug16 & 23 & Sept6- contact me for confirmation and age range

I will also be taking 2 weeks off Aug 23-Sept5 - this is a noted yearly time off that is listed on the calendar. I have extended some classes to the 23rd for makeups and will do more makeups Sept 6-9. Fall term will officially start Sept 12.

Fall Schedule

Here’s the link to sign up for any/all fall classes


All class day/times currently being attended will stay on the schedule for fall and although I can not guarantee that they will go I expect that they all will. (See listing above for day/time/location/& ages) of ongoing classes.

In NB..

Tue 9:15am L1 (.5-2yo)

Tue 10:30am mixedage L2or3 (all ages)

Tue noon F(0-1yo infants)

New classes offerings or age changes in Schertz/Cibolo…

Tue 3:30pm L3&4 lesson

Tue 5pm L5 lesson (prerequisite required)

Wed 4:30pm L3&4 lesson

Wed 11:30am F(0-1 infants)

Wed 6pm mixedage L3 (2-5yos with caregivers/family)

Thur 4pm Level 4 or 5 lesson

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