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Spring break, special events, more

Updated: 5 days ago


•Closed March13-18 for spring break & maintenance. I am hoping to get our new AC working.

•Back March 21st! Regular times & Classes in NB. Special events at #diacoverymeadostudio to dance in my private wildflower meadow start Mar 22.

Both locations we'll be exploring dancing, songs, pretend play, & books about dancing & animals & objects you can see in the meadow. Outside play will be a part of this experience as weather allows- in Cibolo we will go into actual bluebonnet field. Contact me for any questions & think about your families needs for clothing, etc during these events.

More info on schedules will be posted below soon...

To help will time change and makeups I have some extra class options starting(or having room) Mar...

Tue & Thur a mixed-age 10:30am class

There is room in Wed 9:45 for 1-3 & 11 for 3-5

Evenings available Tues 5:30pm in NB 2-5yos; Wed 6pm in Cibolo 2-5yos; Thur 6pm 0-2yos

I also have room in all of my infant-baby classes TueNoon in NB; Wed 12:15 in Cibolo; Thur Noon in Cibolo.

Next break will be April3-8. I will have makeups April 11-14. We will have regular classes & events Mar21- mid May (I've added extra classes in May to also help with makeups).


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