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Step By Step AtHome setup

Updated: Apr 23

An important part of the #kindermusikprocess is using Kindermusik materials and techniques outside of class- AtHome. Everyone who registers for any Kindermusik activity has access to materials coodinated to that activity/class/theme. Remember we have physical and digital AtHome materials. Below is how to access them...

1: creating an account

2: welcome, account info, what’s there in your account

3: AtHome digital material access & functions through internet from any electronic device

4: Functions specific to computer- downloading & print outs

5: Kindermusik App- it’s functions and how to link it to your account

6: AtHome physical materials

Every registered family gets digital materials. Each family can access these materials and the family’s registration information from any device with internet access. There is also an app (see #5 below), computer resources (see #4), and physical material options (see #6).

#1: Create an account to access digital materials & registration info. This can be done from any electronic device with internet access.

it’s quick and easy to access from any device with internet access BUT we do suggest setting it up from a computer

* Go to my.kindermusik.com

* Enter the email you provided the studio. * If you haven’t logged in before Click “create an account” (circled in red on picture below) and answer the questions

OR if you have already created an account enter your password (if you can’t remember your password there is a reminder system or you can contact me or Kindermusik).

* Click the purple “Log In“ to get in (pictures below for reference)...

#2: Welcome, Account info, What’s There.

Although you can access this with any device with internet access it’s easiest through computer or tablet.

On the welcome page you’ll see Across the top...

* “Home” which will list the Levels you have received; * “Online Activities” which has a list of received themes from those levels that coordinate with your classes; * “Albums” which allows you to redeem album codes from download cards, special events, and then lists the albums & music you’ve received (audio only);

* “My Account“ which includes your basic registration info. This is also where you can change that information if needed.

Explanation note: you Access your AtHome materials by picking the level, then the theme of your choice/class. This can be accessed from the home page or from the “Online Activities” tab.

Each class has a developmental range which correlates to a Level. So if you are in a class with 2-4 year olds you may receive Levels 2 or/& 3. Also if you have More than one child you May (depending on how you registered) receive materials for each child’s appropriate Level. Like a Level 3 for your toddler and then a Level Foundations for your baby.

#3: AtHome digital material access & functions- again best accessed with computer or tablet.

Each level has themes. You pick a particular theme in a level to get to a page/file where you can pick functions & activities.

On the theme page you will see...

* preferred language tab (located at the very top),

* download button with access to music, activities, story, lyrics (works best on the computer- more on this below in #4),

* audio player button with access to coordinating album (should work from any device with internet access)

* also many activities have a video that can be live streamed ( device that has internet access)

* Activities are located near bottom of page in rectangular buttons. Each activity has parent information (guidance & instructions), then either music or video

Activities will include...

*a book (which you can read yourself or set to read to you), *learning games, *making crafts or recipe, *videos of field trips

*sensory exploration and more

#4 Down load Center button- for computer access and print outs

If you have a computer the download button has some very helpful functions.

*music: you can download the file onto your computer then place it in your computer music player, on your cloud account/library, on a memory stick, even burn your own CD (if you have that ability & hardware- read/write CD).

*Activities: you can down load a pdf with activity sheets (like the one’s available in the physical books). Age appropriate games, coloring, etc for your child and directions/instructions for caregivers on how to incorporate the ideas into play.

*story: a pdf with the story which can be download to your computer for use OR can be printed out onto your paper (again if you have that ability & hardware - printer)

*lyrics: a pdf with the words written out for many of the songs on the coordinating album (availability does depend on the licensing for the particular song).

another way to access music & videos digitally is the app...

#5: Kindermusik’s App

Kindermusik’s app is free and available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. However if you want to have access to your class music or your redeemed downloads you must log in...

*go to App Store and down load Kindermusik app;

*open app, click on 3 lines (seen in red circle of pic);

*from menu pick log in- type in email & password from account (as created from above #1 instructions)

After you are logged in you can access limited account information, class music, use functions with the class music.

**Functions in menu/three lines (circled in red on pic)... includes log in/out, KI’s mode, dark mode, find a class/studio, about KI, user profile/account info, Play Along (digital instruments), Make Your Own Music (recording)

**Quick access to “Play Along” is the 🎵 (circled in green on pic). This function allow for playing digital representations of Kindermusik instruments. They can be played alone or along with any music played in the app. And you can record your compositions or improvisations using “Make Your Own Music” from the three lines.

**Bottom bar (circled in blue on pic)

*”Home” where music is organized by class/album

*”Themes” where music is organized by general subject/theme

*”Library“ where all music is listed (by album, your own play lists, search by)

*”Videos” for activity and info videos

#6: AtHome physical materials

I can order a variety of Kindermusik physical books, CD’s, instruments, activity books, activity/learning play sets, totes.

*If you want physical copies of the digital, you can either download on to your computer or I can order a professional copy from KI. I can also order from KI Instruments shown on app. *There are also separate physical only materials including activity books, play sets, and instruments/equipment.

I have a limited supply in stock immediately available and most others can be ordered with a month’s notice (sometimes shorter). *contact me personally to order physical materials


Specific to my studio I also have craft activity sets. Some of these ideas & sets are from Kindermusik International and others I have personally developed or sourced.

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