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This is an update As of August 1st 2022

Kindermusik streaming will now be linked to current enrollments. There will be “best of albums” allotted for past enrollments and physical materials are still available.

Please let me know if you find any changes/differences from this explanation as I update. See more info below…

An important part of the #kindermusikprocess is using Kindermusik materials and techniques outside of class- AtHome. In class we practice doing activities that you can do at home. KI & my studio also have tools to help inspire and facilitate you at home. Everyone who registers for any Kindermusik activity has access to materials coordinated to that activity/class/theme. Remember we have physical and digital AtHome materials… #DiscoveryMeadowStudio has a lending library with play & craft kits & CD’s, KI has a large digital library, KI also has physical story & activity books & physical instruments to buy that coordinate with our activities in class. My studio includes/provides…

•1book & 1instrument per term at no extra cost. Extras available through studio or online for purchase. (See #7 below)

•access to Kindermusik International’s digital library for your class/level while registered/enrolled (See #2-5)

•access to my own physical library and crafts while registered/enrolled (#6)

Below is how & when to access them...

1: creating an account & password

2: welcome, account info, and what’s in your account

3: AtHome through internet from electronic devices (Computer, tablet, phone) digital library (Kindermusik’s library of music & books).

5: Kindermusik App- it’s functions and how to link it to your account

6: AtHome physical materials; info through handouts OR emails; studio provided library and arts&crafts- donations needed/accepted

7: AtHome Physical books, instruments from KI

8: download card (good until Dec31 2022)

Scroll to what you need info on....

#1: Create an account to access digital materials & registration info. This can be done from any electronic device with internet access. **2022 Update** If you set up before Aug1st your login should stay the same. (Contact me if you have any concerns/questions)

it’s quick and easy to access from any device with internet access BUT we do suggest setting it up from a computer

* Go to my.kindermusik.com

* Enter the email you provided the studio. * If you haven’t logged in before Click “create an account” (circled in yellow on picture below) and answer the questions

*if you have already created an account enter your password and Click the purple “Log In“ to get in (circles in green)

*if you have already created an account but can’t remember your password click “Forgot your password” (circled in red)

(pictures below for reference)...

#2: Welcome, Account info, What’s There.

Although you can access this with any device with internet access it’s easiest through computer or tablet.

On the welcome page you’ll see Across the top...

* “Home” which will list the Levels you are currently registered/enrolled in (more on the current materials available in #3); “Classes” which has a list of classes with your current class highlighted; “Shop” which allows you to access kindermusik products to buy (more on this later in the year); * “Redeem” which allows you to redeem album codes from download cards (only good until Dec31 2022) & class codes (for special enrollment);

* “My Account“ which includes your basic registration info. This is also where you can change that information if needed.

More on “my account” button (the last pic in the above gallery)… it has a pull down menu that takes you to several pages including “payments” which allows you to see payments, edit credit card info, and manage credit card payments; “Account Info” which allows you to edit all your & your child’s personal info, ALSO toggles for opting in or out for texts, non account related emails from Kindermusik international (emails about your account are mandatory), photo policy; “kindermusik.com” the basic Kindermusik website; “Logout” allowing you to log out of a particular account

(Scroll down for more info on libraries & other materials)

#3: AtHome digital material access -

Library of books Library of albums

(Pics above is what it looks like from the website, below the app)

Each level has a large variety of albums/themes & books.

Specifically from the website & your account… on the page you will see icons for each level/class and above that “albums” & “Books”

You will have access to the library for the class/Level you are registered/enrolled (it will be in color/highlighted). Also any best of albums for the general public or for pervious enrollment/registration.

“Album” When you pick a particular level, album/theme, and book….

On the Level then album page you will see all the albums/themes available for that class/Level. You can then pick & stream the music, add to favorites, etc. Note: limited time downloading on music see #8 at the very bottom of this post

“Books” On the Level then Book page you will see all the books available for that class/level. You can pick & stream any of those books. For the books you can pause/play sound/reading of the book. Also can manually turn pages via the arrows.

APP: another way to access music, book (books added in spring of 22), & videos digitally is the app...

#5: Kindermusik’s App

Kindermusik’s app is free and available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. However if you want to have access to your class music or your redeemed downloads you must log in...

*go to App Store and down load Kindermusik app;

*open app, click on 3 lines (seen in red circle of pic);

*from menu pick log in- type in email & password from account (as created from above #1 instructions)

After you are logged in you can access limited account information, class music, use functions with the class music.

**Functions in menu/three lines (circled in red on pic)... includes log in/out, KI’s mode, dark mode, find a class/studio, about KI, user profile/account info, Play Along (digital instruments), Make Your Own Music (recording)

**Quick access to “Play Along” is the 🎵 (circled in green on pic). This function allow for playing digital representations of Kindermusik instruments. They can be played alone or along with any music played in the app. And you can record your compositions or improvisations using “Make Your Own Music” from the three lines.

(More details on more buttons below pic)

**Bottom bar (circled in blue on pic)

*”Home” where music is organized by class/album

*”Themes” where music is organized by general subject/theme

*”Library“ where all music is listed (by album, your own play lists, search by)

*”Videos” for activity and info videos

AS of MARCH 2022 Kindermusik

*”Books” has been added to the bottom bar- available on the APP too

More exciting news** as we move towards 2023 Kindermusik will begin to add new, more, updated content to the app.

reminder AS of AUG 2022 Kindermusik will be providing free with any class, unlimited streaming from their mobile & computer platforms. Families will be able to stream all the content available for their child's currently registered Level/class- all music playlists, books, videos for the Level for which you are attending/registered. I will have an option for those who take a break from or pause in-person classes- I will have available a digital access only option at a reduced price (will include Kindermusik's digital access for a Level plus access to me through zoom).

#6: AtHome physical materials; info through handouts OR emails; studio provided library and arts&crafts- donations needed/accepted

I will add a link and a post with more details soon

#7: AtHome Physical books, instruments from KI

I will add a link and a post more details soon

#8: download card (good until Dec31 2022)

A limited time option for downloading is play.kindermusik.com This site is for any download cards you have and there you can download past special classes and/or (depending on card) any favorites using your Kindermusik download cards until December 2022.

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