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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We have weekly classes going on now!

We will be exploring more fun themes from our summer theme of exploring/traveling town, country, world.

See separate posts on the blog for…

schedule (classes & holidays)

health & safety procedures

summer themes & materials

developmental info

emergency announcements

Life happens! I try to ride the waves of life and try to help families in my program do the same when I can. When you purchase a pass you are guaranteed a spot in one class a week and then can come to as many other classes as spots are available. If a class needs to be canceled for emergency/illness then I will provide makeup classes per my scheduled makeup weeks OR I will provide other options of physical materials, tuition credit. Also we do require some mask use (specifics depend). To see specifics on any policies, I post current happenings updates on the blog and general guidelines on the dedicated website page.

Illness and emergencies happen in life and sometimes a classes have to be canceled without much warning. When it does, I will send registered families a text for UNscheduled changes. I have policies to handle makeups, etc. Below you will find the text of a June post. It’s an example of how the studio handles highly contagious illness currently in KindermusikbySally classes.

Example : In June, I was notified of a case of COVID-19 in our KindermusikbySally community. The person who tested positive was NOT symptomatic in class. However since this was our first possible COVID while classes are in-person I decided to be extra cautious just in case there may have been exposure. I closed for protocols. I stayed available anytime if for any questions or concerns.

To address and evaluate when to open back up, I reached out to all registered families to see if there are any other possible COVID cases or exposures within our KindermusikbySally Community. I did extra cleaning, watched for symptoms, waited to see if I needed to do any tracking or notifying. With the All clear (no other cases), I start up classes again.

In my over 20 years of operating my own studio there have been a few times ’life #%$&@ happens’ - I’ve been sick, had a family emergencies, had to navigate a community emergency ( like hurricanes, floods, years ago N1H1 and of course COVID-19 now).

Just a reminder as we come back to Cibolo studio…

*stay home if showing signs of illness, *wash hands, *adults & older children mask inside (children under 5 in parent/child classes, it’s up to parents), *social distance to your comfort but also respect others bubbles & respect different facility rules,

*share instruments Only with your family or bubble (I know some families have created play group bubbles outside the family),

*please notify me if something contagious pops up (no judgement, just helps me & others to make decisions) this includes not only COVID but also Hand-foot-mouth, RSV, the flu, etc …

Although at the studio we try to be as careful as possible (I have a whole page of protocols I follow), illness is a part of life and it’s really impossible to completely eliminate the risk. We just try to create the best balance with agreements for class and support each family’s right to a personal path. You can see more on this on my Health & Safety post.

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