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Summer Book,Instrument suggestions

The AtHome books and instruments that go with our studio summer themes are here! I have copies of each. As supplies run out I can order more.

Note: term registration includes one physical book & instrument. At my studio I try to be flexible so you can choose whatever I have in stock or can order from KI. I do have suggestions based on my experience and the class. Most of the books for your class/level are also accessible via your account on the Kindermusik app or website (while you are enrolled). Except for the books that are on clearance- those are only in physical and while supplies last.

Books for babies and young toddlers…

Suggestions for under one:

Zoom Baby or Zoom Buggy (vehicle sounds), This is My Dance (bears moving in different ways), Wiggle Waggle (wild/zoo animals movement & sounds)

Suggestions for 0-2:

Off We Go (baby visits different places), Peekaboo (baby places peekaboo different places&family)

Suggestions for 1-2yos:

Driving with Andy (Zoom stop & go around town), Where is Bear (On the Town with bear), Peekaboo Face (Playtime games/peekaboo with animals), Watch Me (I can do that movements with animals).

Instruments for babies & toddlers…

Suggestions for under one: scarves, chime ball, baby maraca

Suggestions for 1-3: animal shakers (elephant, bear, dolphin), beach ball, maraca

Others available: scarves & balls for all ages, tambourines for different ages, sea shell clackers.

Books for older toddlers or L2-3 family…

Suggestions for 2-3 yos (in stock and on app): Tippy Too (Rhyme around town with friends&animals), Zoo Train (explore the zoo, animals, & train), Head & Shoulders (Marvelous me with song games),

2 other books theme related : Animals A-Dancing or Animals on Parade

I have 3 books on clearance that I’ll use this season: Jingl-Jangle Jambourine (looking for tambourine around town), Put Your Left Paw In (song game with zoo/wild animals)

Some more books on clearance are some hard copies… Zoo train for level1-3, Fo Van Go for Level2-5, Tel Me a Tale for Level 4&5

For my Level 3 -5…

Activity mags (with story & activities), story only books (heavy paper), backpacks & instruments.

For activity mags we have zoo/wild animals, carnival, drums, parade (brings all the themes together). We also still have a vehicle & farm theme.

For book only books we have Down the Street (rhythms around town), Tippy Too (rhyming & meeting animal friends), Razupazu Toto (visiting places around the world), Henry’s Parade (world musicians, animals, & boats parade together), Dance of your Own (explore dances from around the world at the carnival)

Instruments suggestions for summer: maracas, tambourine, panpipe

And a backpack

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