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Summer Schedule updates

Updated: Jun 4

May24-June 7th Closed Memorial week+ for observation of holiday and summer prep

(This post is currently being updated , thanks for your patience… I will be posting Calendar pages, links for classes & playdates, etc below)

June 11th Summer Term begins weekly classes, playdates, one month minimum special. Summer Classes continue through July & August

July 1-5th Closed for Independence Holiday observance (and my anniversary ❤️)

August 23- Sept6 Closed for Labor Holiday observance

(I will post calendar pictures here)

During September we will have makeups, demos, extras for both summer & fall enrolled families

Sept17th fall term begins (link to list of classes will be posted at bottom of page when available)

One-time visit specials and other options below …

Note: to all who are currently enrolled or were recently enrolled and have a credit on your account (winter, spring or summer) play dates will be free. If you believe you should have a credit but don’t please contact me personally via text or email.

For playdates/onetime visits:

•Foundations special for infants and baby only classes are special $5

•Toddler special for 1-3 year olds (with a caregiver/parent) are special $10

•All visits to explore & get info on Musician, Artist, and the prerequisite Level 3&4 small group (with or without caregiver & parent) $15

Another special summer term option is to pause or unenroll as needed- there is a minimum payment required but once you reach that minimum payment (with monthly payments or in person payment) you can pause or disenroll.

Click on this link to see the monthly minimum fees, full term fees, and synopsis of basics (included, regular policy note: specials are not listed on the linked page but are listed on this post and will be honored for the time period of the post, if you have any questions you can always contact me) )

See options by location…

Schertz/Cibolo Texas

If you aren’t near my studio locations you can see kindermusik’s locator for other studios or zoom classes…

Quick QRs for my site (locations, classlist, registration) and the free Kindermusik app

I will post fall term list here when it’s available- but in the meantime FYI I usually keep day/times/locations the same, sometimes the age group is tweaked and sometimes there are classes that aren’t available sometimes because of low enrollment

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