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Summer specials links

Offering special summer payments at

www.kindermusik.com or https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/book-online (links for specifics below picture)

On Kindermusik’s site you can choose to pay all upfront or on a monthly payment plan, and Kindermusik will also prorate if you are starting after the official “start” date.

see Schertz/Cibolo specifically here https://www.kindermusik.com/studio/53092

see NewBraunfels specifically here https://www.kindermusik.com/studio/57639

I can also send you direct personalized links - just contact me. Also this summer I also have special offers to try 1 or 2 months of classes (links are below)…

1-3yo with caregiver/family for 1 month https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/service-page/shortspecial-level-1-1-2yo?referral=service_list_widget

1-3yo with caregiver/family for 2 months https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/service-page/shortspecial-level-2-18m-3?referral=service_list_widget

2-5yo with caregiver/family for 1 month


2-5yo with caregiver/family for 1month


(Note: I am looking at tweaking the schedule for this age group so if you don’t see a day/time contact me- thinking about a possible Friday or Monday morning class)

0-1yo & parent/caregiver for 1 month


1-2yo & parent/caregiver for 1 month


0-2yo & parent/caregiver for 2 months https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/service-page/shortspecial-level-1-1-2yo?referral=service_list_widget

L3-5 group lesson/drop off for 1 month https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/service-page/one-month-visit-l3-l5?referral=service_list_widget

L3-5 group lesson/drop off for 2 months https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/service-page/shortspecial-l3-5-age-4-8?referral=service_list_widget

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