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Summer to Fall Classes

Updated: Aug 31

Aug22 to September 20 is the studio's summer to fall month- open to summer pass holders , fall pass holders, & visitors!!

Labor Day break is Aug 28- Sept 4th

If you have summer pass, want a trial, or start Fall you are welcome to join us in September. You can visit one time, signup for a month trial, or get the extra classes for free if you signup for a full season.

*?Signed up for summer? You are welcome during September!! Remember to sign up for fall term (or contact me personally) if you want your spot to be held past Sept 19 (deposit is only $10).

*?New family one time visit? rsvp by contacting me personally OR by putting down a deposit online for your preferred class.

Visits/deposits only cost $10 and will be credited to your account if you continue with the class.

*?Sign up for a month trial or for the full fall term? You can do this by following the link and picking your preferred class & option. If you're unsure just contact me personally and I can explain, send specific links, or hep any way you need...

See what's scheduled and when here

Fall term officially starts Sept 20- Jan 11 (includes 12 weeks of inperson & holidays/off weeks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Newyears, digital access while enrolled, one physical book & instrument).

I have classes for babies to PreK AND a special new class for school age called Musicians (5-7yos). Contact me personally for Level 4or Musicians info (there is also a separate post with info on Musicians).

Opportunity to use summer term passes and to trial fall continues to Sept20 ( we'll have a holiday/off week Aug25-Sept4) ...

Some classes are ongoing and some are starting up in September as soon as we have 3 or more families enrolled

Current classes you can try...

Tuesdays in NewBraunfels: 9:15am 1-2 yos; 10:30am mixed-age; noon babies; the 5:30pm mixedage and 4pm on holdbut can start with 2 more ;

Link to Tuesdays classes

Wednesdays in Cibolo: in Sept we'll have a 9:30 for younger mixed age; 10:45 for older mixedage); 12:15pm babies; 4pm Level4 & Musicians prerequisite; 6pm on hold hopefully starting this fall

Thursdays in Cibolo: 9:30 Level1; 10:30am mixed-age L2(1-3yos); 6pm mixed-age (0-2yos); KmMusicians 4pm starting in Sept

Link to all classes in Cibolo

PolicyNote: unenrollment happens automatically at the end of a term. You must contact me to initiate the unenrollment otherwise. If you enroll, pay deposit and want to unenroll you must contact me. The payment system is automatic- it will charge you accordingly on the payment plan you pick. If you choose cash the payment is still required but through your preferred in person method. You can contact me anytime and I will work with you- I am as flexibly as possible but also have policies so it's fair for all. If you choose to unenroll after term begins then minimums apply per my policies- there is a one month minimum once term begins and a minimum required if materials (digital and/or physical) allotted/recieved.

Here is the break down and link to policies

Note about Jan 2024: I have decided to increase prices by $5 (across the board) in January of 2024 - to off set my own supply chain increases.

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