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“...Kindermusik has been one of the greatest experiences the kids have had. It has been such a wonderful foundation not just for the arts but also academically. I can not thank you enough for what you have done...” parting words from a family that started with @kindermusikbysally as babies (newborn & toddler) and continued till Kinder/late pre-K when they moved. The parents were committed to the Kindermusik process- they came as a family to classes and used the Kindermusik process at home. Then as they grew they continued their studies with dance and academics. Mom also shared that their oldest who is only 6 is being considered for professional training by their respected professional ballet conservatory and has already been selected several times as an extra or child roll in professional ballet & opera productions. So proud of these kids and my studio’s role in their lives. And it’s another testament to Kindermusik’s process and how it works for a variety of children and their differing needs. Kindermusik is music literacy and music literacy is broad based mental & physical- whole child- literacy.

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