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Themes, books & instruments

Updated: Sep 18

For Aug & Sept we'll be doing games, sand, water, beach/sea.

As we finish up peekaboo, head shoulders, & more human body games we'll also transition to music from islands around the world in Sept. This fall will focus on our neighborhoods including animals, weather, places to go & homes. We'll also do dress up & make believe related to fall festivities. Remember when enrolled you can pick one physical book & instrument per term PLUS you'll have access to digital materials anywhere with the app & handouts most weeks in class.

For all manipulatives (you can replace any take home instrument with a scarf or non breakable mirror instead)

For Foundations (infants & babies) we'll use

Albums (found on app)

Primarily pulling from the PeekaBoo, Busy Days, Bluebird

Mixed age 0-2


Books for 0-2 mixed age

NightlyNight, Feathers/BirdsofFeather, Peekaboo, OffWeGo, PeekabooFace, InMySandbox

Extras for 1-2: ISeeYou, WatchMe, EensyWeensySpider,

Level 1 we'll use


Primarily pulling from the Playtime, BigBackYard, Rain&Shine

For mixed ages 1-3 & Level 2 we'll use

Albums: Primarily pulling from BeachDays, MarvelousMe, DownOnGround


123Ocopus&Me/BeachDays, MyListeningWalk, HouseForMe

Extras for 1-2: ISeeYou, WatchMe, EensyWeensySpider,

Extras any age Head&Shoulders, Feelings , JingleJangleTambourine

Instruments for mixed age 1-3

For Level 3 & up we'll use

Albums primarily from: Splash, MakeBelieve, Out&About, InMyGarden


Splash, AHouseForMe, LetsGoFroggy, WrongWayPirate

Extras include VanGo, CanYouFindMe, BigBlueBoat,

Instruments for L3-5

For Level 4 & prep L5/Musicians also we'll use...

Albums: primarily from SoundsAbound, AllKeyedUp, RhythmofMyLand


Where StoriesComeFrom (a mermaid tail), CopperTopFourKeyboards, PeddlePump

Extras include RasupasuToto, MichealFin,

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