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Trial TailGate &

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

KindermusikbySally families come to a trial Tailgate event this Friday June 12th.. either 10am or 6:30pm at my home studio in Cibolo. Pick up your books & instruments (the one’s in stock), Plus 30 minutes of music fun in-person for the first time in 3 months. Park anywhere around the island in my parking area, sit in your tailgate or in your car. You can bring your own instruments/objects to play with or take a sanitized basket of mine to borrow for the event. If you bring your own here’s the supply list...

bubbles, wind instrument (if you have one), paper towel tube or binoculars, sand-blocks or other blocks or sponges

Please RSVP to reserve through email or text.

I will be having more in-person events in July and receiving a shipment of more instruments & books from Kindermusik in July. Remember if there is any special instrument or book that you want please contact me to place the order.

for the rest of June & 1week of July I have some family commitments that will alter some offerings...

*I will continue have virtual classes However I may have to cancel on or two here & there do to family issues (watch for the notices)

*I will also be taking a few days off at the end of June & beginning of July (look for specifics TBA)

*I will start in-person events as soon as I can and may have another in June depending on my families needs but definitely by July 6 they will be scheduled weekly.

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