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Update on Health&Safety

Updated: Sep 29

Health & Safety of the families in my program and my own family are very important to me. I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this time.

At DiscoveryMeadowStudio/KindermusikbySallycommunity: As a private space with high risk participants and my personal high risk family, we still use inside masks for Adults and older children. We do have alterations and are flexible with certain situations and younger children- I have those detailed further along in the post. Also explained below is my process for making decisions. And details on age, class numbers, and more.

It seems like just when we get use to things they change. It’s stressful for all of us. I actually kept my mask policy for inside this summer so the studio‘s rules will stay the same. I understand and respect that many feel strongly about getting rid of the masks.

As always KindermusikbySally community strives to be a no judgment safe zone and to respect that there are a number of ways to successfully parent. Parenting - especially through medical issues- is deeply personal and emotionally intense; we are all going to have passionate opinions. But to interact as a group we must agree to certain boundaries. This includes how we interact in class and guidelines for handling illness. I hope you understand how hard I’ve worked to create a safe, supportive, and open environment by balancing ALL the different issues & needs & concerns.

I wanted to remind everyone of my home studio policies… OUTdoors masking will be your choice.

INdoors masking will be as follows…

*Adults required

*No masks for 2 & under

*3-5 year olds encouraged but parental choice

*5& over OR over 3yo in classes without parents- children will be required to have a mask and will be guided/directed to wear the mask when in communal areas (especially inside) and within 6 feet of others (I am understanding and work with needs/differences)

Here is why we have made this difficult decision…

*your personal medical status and choices are yours- I respect privacy.

*those with immune issues need masks to continue (I personally have to keep using the mask and there are others who are medically sensitive )

*some who can’t/aren’t vaccinated need masks to continue

*support & modeling & inclusion help all of us, especially our children

*our general area is still having occasional outbreaks of community spread

*our indoor space has limitations; and singing is higher risk

*I consulted…

registered families; the CDC’s specific guidance for camps (updated in May), new updates for schools/childcare at end of July ; a well known and respected Texas epidemiologist with knowledge of family/children needs; and local data & medical professionals.

other reminders for inperson… #1: Stay home if you know you or your child is sick/has symptoms. Although symptoms are not always easy to figure out, fever is obvious. Also right now other persistent symptoms not diagnosed by doctor as allergies/not contagious, exposure to someone Covid positive, etc.

#2 Hand washing. I have both soap & sink and antibacterial gel available.

#3 Masks (current rules listed and explained earlier in post).

#4 Social distancing - at this point, depends on personal comfort but also location rules.

#5 Instrument sharing will be kept to a minimum (within family bubble).

#6 Please inform me if anyone who came to class tests positive for anything highly contagious like COVID-19, but Also hand-foot-mouth, chickenpox, rsv, etc.

Specifics for my program will change with time so check the date of blog posts AND contact me is you have any questions.

Classes currently use In-person indoor and outdoor space. Different locations may have different policies & space available. Generally there will be limits on occupancy, cleaning procedures, and community thresholds (highlights can be found on the June health&safety blog post and details on my health&safety website page). Most classes will stay small inside with groups of no more than 10/12 individuals for younger ages And total of no more than 6/8 for older kids (preschool/school age)— I will adjust size accordingly depending on the space, current numbers, and group dynamic.

We suggest being respectful of others boundaries with distance. Different people have different bubbles right now. We have safe zones in class where families have control over their own bubble/boundaries for physical space and instrument sharing. And encourage you to be honest and understanding, model & redirect, as children do not fully understand social rules (pandemic or no). And We are All Human.

More info on safe zones and general classroom set up see https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/post/what-to-expect-studio-set-up).

I can/will do maskless class outside if there is interest. Or virtual if there is interest. Although I’ve had limited interest in virtual, I do know an educator(s) who are offering them and I can refer. Outs is probably not possible until Fall when the heat lowers. But indoor classes may go outside for higher risk, maskless/mask-optional activities.

*also available if needed, I provide a cady with individual (often disposable) supplies like of of gloves of different sizes, anti-bacterial, wipes, I even have disposable masks available if you need one.

About my personal adaptions... *I personally will have available to use masks & shields depending on the numbers, location. This is precautionary because I will be singing loudly, so everyone can feel comfortable, and just in case at anytime I come within 6 feet of children/family. During times of medium and high risk I will wear both a mask and shield. Low risk/numbers mask only.

*Just for info for those who want to know, I am vaccinated but also immune compromised. I am worried not just about myself but also about a-symptomatic spread to others. So I will continue to mask but may occasionally feel comfortable taking off my mask (especially outside or at a greater distance)— as long as no one else feels uncomfortable And if i’m away from everyone.

*Let me know if you have trouble hearing me. I have a microphone for outside if/when it’s needed for everyone to hear me (usually only needed for drive in events).

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