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Update on health & safety, winter 2022

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

As always the health & safety of all our families is important to us.


the city of SanAntonio, Schertz, Cibolo & NewBraunfels have started to spike hard again So I am having to scramble for contingencies (it’s getting old for me too!!). As has been true for more than a year, I will be watching the numbers carefully

. And if necessary the start and ending dates for the season may change. I was hoping to get rid of several temporary policies, now some have to stay a bit longer😢

Basic reminders.. stay home if sick, masks for certain situations (more below), and basically following the cdc & local health officials guidance. I know that can be confusing or even contradictory so I have things written out here and on my health&safety page. Including illness policies, size of classes, cleaning procedures, makeups, and masks (there will be differences for age & class situation details below)- especially when inside and within close contact.

I am aware there are a variety of opinions on how to manage risks and I respect everyone’s freedom of choice in their life. However all group activities must include some basic boundaries that the group agrees upon. I have a page on my website that is dedicated to this and although it does evolve with the situation I am consistent with my methodology to balance risk, acceptance, and mutual respect.

Below I will hit the highlights that are of particular concern right now.


It is my goal to continue to be in-person & inside for classes. Some things I must consider include facility, weather, and of course health& safety conditions. The facility still has the final say on rules. Classes will stay in small groups of 6 families for NewBraunfels and 4-5 families for Cibolo for now. When the weather allows we’ll do things outside as well. If there is spread in the classroom, with my family, or even just too much stress on the local systems I may need to postpone classes- believe me I don’t want to do this and I’ll avoid it if possible.


everyone gets occasionally sick- I assume when I set schedules and prices that everyone will be occasionally sick or have an occasional conflict (because life😉). I also know that many people have chronic but not contagious conditions. I underatand these situations and am willing to work with families. My regular policy is that if you end up missing more than a few classes and are unable to make them up then I will work with the family on a credit or makeup plan. The pandemic does require a few temporary policies- during this current spike I request that if you or your child have even minor new symptoms that you stay home and makeup the class. Especially during spikes if your child coughs, sneezes, nose runs chronically- please talk to me and we’ll discuss options (masks, distancing, testing, private group, credit to after the spike passes). During the pandemic I have been very liberal with my makeup & credit policies.


*Adults are respectfully required to use a mask inside

*School age children are also required to use a mask inside.

*3-5 yos in lessons or groups withOut parents are required to try and use a mask. I do understand issues of development and I’ll work with them.

*in family classes it is parent choice whether children under 5 wear masks

*no masks of course for under 2yos

**outside, masks are your option and most people do no wear them but please be sensitive to others bubbles

**during the spike consider having your child where a mask inside especially if they have a runny nose, cough, sneeze

**when numbers are low, masks are optional in each family‘s safe zones (see explanation of safe zones for distancing on


you can see my complete listing of cleaning procedures and process deciding on what will be used on my website‘s health&safety police page or the cleaning procedure post.

But basically everyone gets a box of cleaned instruments to use in class. Over the last few months when numbers went down I began have options for instruments being handed out, sharing, taking turns- Parent’s can decide what they prefer to do on their own family safe zone (again this is explained in the what to expect post- link above).

also I have available… disposable masks, gloves, bandaids, hand sanitize, tissues, towels, sink for hand washing, and more.

what if your family or child has to quarantine?

If members of your family test Covid positive, I do suggest missing class till your family has all gotten better/have no symptoms or tests negative (especially with the highly contagious Omicron). If your child tests positive then missing until well- no symptoms for more than 24 hours or a negative test. Even if asymptomatic experts say quarantine for 5 days. I also ask that you notify me- your privacy will be protected but knowing will help me manage decisions for the class and studio.

what if the studio has to quarantine?

if anyone in my family or myself tests positive I will quarantine and won’t be able to hold classes until we are well- I will use tests before coming back to class.

If there is possible spread in a class, the class will be postponed a week. If community spread closes schools or overwhelms hospitals then I may postpone classes.

So what am I looking for to get rid of all the masks and mitigations?? 2 most important…Numbers staying down and vaccine availability for classes age range. Since children under 5 are still not eligible for vaccine and since the pediatric health services are under stress (currently rising numbers in the hospitals) we will continue some temporary policies I’ve listed above.

refund policy

there is a minimum payment required to hold a space in class

a Family can dis enroll at any time however to receive a refund there must be a months notice. Both physical and digital materials given are yours to keep (once received materials can not be returned unless recalled). Refunds are calculated based on materials given , classes attended, and the tuition for the month notice (for administration). During the pandemic and for other emergency situations, If you choose to just pause your enrollment then you can get a credit. I normally hold a credit for the next season BUT through the pandemic I've held them for at least a year and will work with you.

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