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Use DiscoveryMeadowStudio email

Updated: Jun 16

Just an FYI….

If you need to contact me by email please use sally@discoverymeadowstudio.com

you can also text me at 210-373-5406

June 16th update: my sdmdancy@att.net email is again working but anything sent from June8th to June16th to the att address May have been lost/unrecoverable. I can contact those who I know about because of website bookings but unfortunately there’s no way I can know whose emails were lost😥.

June 13th note: although I do have another sdmdancy@att.net this email is currently having technical difficulties and the server company is being slow to fix it. It’s been down for more than 5 days now🙄.

Since I don’t always know who uses which email- consequently difficult to know who to contact- I wanted to make an announcement.

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