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Virtual procedures

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

**Reminders & tips on virtual...

*first remember to RSVP ahead of time so we know to send you a link😉

Below is an example of some tips to help with the virtual Experience when it’s desired Or necessary. This picture is an example of what other Kindermusik studios are using successful (again thanks to KindermusikwithMissMolly).

below This picture I have some personal notes on both aversion and attention issues.

I personally think one of the most important things to remember about virtual for the under 3 crowd is to use the virtual class in the background not as your focus- it’s not a show. Under 3 it’s not just normal for them to be distracted but it’s healthy!! That is a young child’s healthy brain process includes a need for exploration and movement, and eye contact with an in-person caregiver.

The class whether in person or virtual is all about the relationship and interaction between you, your child, and the world all around. So even though there's a screen to remind you of a time, ideas, directions, activities you don't need to (and probably better if you don't) look directly at the screen unless needed. The virtual picture of the teacher and other families is there for specific Social interactions but other times it’s important to be parent/child face to face or exploring the space. So....

*have it on so you can see & interact as needed BUT position you and your children so you can interact and play together as a family in your environment. *We'll then come back to the screen to do some interacting with the other families, teacher, visual. You can do this by sitting with your child & holding a phone or computer screen like you would a book. But if you prefer you can also just put it on the TV screen and direct their attention for short periods of time. *Just like in the studio class room toddlers we’ll move in & out of the social environment, interactions with parent/family, and exploration all around. Remember that's why Kindermusik uses the kangaroo & joey as a visual for this age- it's not just ok that they jump in & out of the circle & your lap, it's an important part of the developmental process!

**A special note for the child who is having an aversion to the screen (this can be especially true for littles who’s parents are working from home). It’s actually a good sign that they would rather have your attention then the screen. So give it to them. Focus on the fact that you will be playing with them, the class is just background (here’s where having it on in the background with a speaker or TV may help). You can always later ask if they want to say high to friends or teacher and turn on/pick up the phone/tablet screen

*As children get older (usually around or after they turn 3) then they may like to sit and watch and talk. However I will still direct them to look for things, move around, pretend, so make sure they have either the room to do so.

Proceddures for attending virtual classes...

*registered and rsvp for a specific day/time

*you will receive an email with general information about the day/time you have signed up for (if you do not receive one please contact me)

*You will receive a reminder about an hour before class with a link, ID, password

i usually text this information but if you prefer you can request and I will send it another way (email, messenger).

*Kindermusik by Sally uses Zoom so you will need to download Zoom onto the devise you with to use. Zoom has free versions you can download.

*Teacher will log in & set up class by 5 minutes before class time. Teacher will have a waiting room set up. Then as teacher sees devises in the waiting room, once recognized or verified each family will be let in.

*At the beginning of class I will have some exploration, parent information, socialization (general social sharing with kids parents teacher). Once most of the class that RSVP’d shows we’ll get started (usually about 5 minutes into class time).

*class will last 45 to 60 minutes depending on age range.

*like with an in-person class we’ll sing a hello song so you know when we’re starting and a goodbye so you know we’re done with direct instruction. You’re always welcome to ask me any questions, socialize with class, before and after instruction (directive actives) is done. Also you can come in and go out of class as you need- both by turning off camera but also by logging in & out (however if you log in during instruction time you may need to wait for teacher to see & have time to bring you in- text teacher to alert them you are there if you think they’ve missed you).

*a few reminders on Zoom safety...

no recording or pictures should be taken where other families (or family screen) can be seen. You have control over access to your own screen and audio (you can give teacher control if you would like). Please be aware of your surroundings so you are not sharing anything you don’t want to share (other family members, is everyone dressed in a way you are comfortable sharing, space you are comfortable sharing).

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