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Virtual schedule

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Most day/times are the same however there are a few changes to times necessary to work around everyone’s schedule (our children & spouses have commitments too). This is just to start with- if there are issues we want to know so we can do what’s possible- please give us feedback. A written out list and the age appropriate is At the end of this post.

Here’s some general info....

Do to licensing, safety, and legal most Kindermusik content is live only. There are some videos we can post but most will be live.

Everyone who has been registered KindermusikbySally family in the last year is welcome to join the virtual classes for the next couple of weeks- unlimited visits in April. Only recently registered families have been automatically added to the invites. So if you want to come to a different age than register or if you are someone who was registered but no currently just contact Sally and she’ll add you to the classes you want to join the next couple of weeks.

For now Miss Nora will be doing all the baby and toddler classes (Level 0-2) and Miss Sally will be doing Level 3-5. We will also have arts, crafts, special & social events. Even other special guests when possible.

SO which classes can you come to? Unlimited age appropriate! For now All family members are welcome in all classes- eventually older classes will be without caregivers. Most of the classes are the same day&time but I did have to make some adjustments especially in the afternoons/evenings. All classes will be 40 minutes or shorter in April.

•Babies L0-1. Families with babies can join any of the following...

Mon noon & Wed noon will focus on babies

Wed 5:15pm for babies & toddlers L0-2

Also there will be some special events TBA on Tuesdays or Fridays. •Toddlers Level 1-2/0-2. Families with toddlers (around one) to 2 years old...

Mon 9:30 & Thur 9:30am will focus on 1-2 year olds

Wed 5:15 babies & toddlers L0-2

again Tue& Fri specials TBA

•preK Fam3-5/Level3-5. Families with preschoolers over 2-5yo...

Mon 10:45am, Wed 4pm, Thur 4pm

Tue & Fri specials TBA

•Kinder/schoolage Level 4-5+. Families with children over 4 years old...

Mon 4:30pm and Fri 4:30pm, we’ll add times if needed to get everything done, craft extensions, one-one lesson time

Note about the future...

Right now all KindermusikbySally families are welcome. If Virtual classes are necessary or needed into May and for however long is needed we’d like to extend times and otherwise improve on the experience. And of course we want to continue in person when possible. To do this we will need to raise some capital— via regular payments that are due, donations, virtual pass, or down payments on future seasonal passes.

I will try to find a way for all of us to continue with Kindermusik both virtually and in-person. Even though things are tight for most of us we want to stay afloat and be better together... kindermusikbysally families, Miss Nora, Miss Sally, our locations, even Kindermusik International... #together

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