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We have the instruments

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We have some new instrument options available for purchase. But to clarify, we also still have in-studio instruments. I will have them available for in-person classes— right now I have extra cleaning precautions I’m taking. I will provide each family group with a box/basket with instruments and objects that no other family touches during class. But these instruments are still handled by me (with protocols) and go back into my supplies for use with other classes (cleaned/sanitized each time). So Kindermusik is offering NEW options for those who prefer! if you prefer you can bring your own instruments. If you don’t have instruments or would like to own the ones we use in class, we now have packages of instruments that you can buy.

**note about how payment works... All kindermusik classes include some materials. Single class has a download or CD. A month has digital access to music, book, activities. Month membership & Seasonal pass provides you with digital and/or physical - if you have a preference you can choose- and everyone will get at lest one physical instrument & book per season. Newly available is now a separate materials package fee ($40) - that balance can be used & include any materials general or theme. At the end of this post are links.

**New** For those who want to have Kindermusik’s basic instruments of your own - for use at home and/or to bring to class. These packages designed for you to have the Kindermusik basics.

**Continuing** we will also continue to have theme Packages- books, instruments, digital access that are available throughout the year in connection with our specific classroom theme. Most of the books and activities we use in class can be received in physical form OR accessed digitally. All Kindermusik classes have a basic package that is included. But you can also buy extras.

Kindermusik packages (themed or general) are designed for the Kindermusik experience at home and in class. Your teacher is your guide in the classroom but we also have book guides with activities and scores, on-line guides, and virtual zoom classes that will help you do Kindermusik at home with your children.

These are always available but it’s even more important now for those who don’t feel comfortable coming to a class.

Our instruments are developmentally designed for teaching skills and preparing for lessons in wind, string, percussion, and keyboard. We have a variety that we use in the classroom. And some of these are available to take home with the appropriate Level... harmonica, drum, resonator bars, glockenspiel, dulcimer, recorder.

Don’t forget!

Registered families can now go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the app. Log in using your Kindermusik account login and you’ll have all your class music at your finger tips. This early version also has special play lists, videos with directions for you on crafts activities recipes, and a great interactive instrument play function that allows your child to play along with their favorite songs from class.

If that’s not your thing we still have CD’s available

for extra physical materials (or materials without a class) click here

to see different classes all of which include materials click here

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