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Welcome New Year, Schedule for 2023

Updated: Jan 10

Happy 2023!

After all the celebrations, hope you get a good rest. Classes start back up the week of Jan8th. scroll below for what I have...

First is the list of possibles- there may be some classes that have to be joined or slightly changed for interest/registration. If you have any questions about how many are in a class please contact me.

Link to next terms schedule organized by location & age...

For list by day see below...

Tuesdays in NewBraunfels will now have morning & afternoon options

9:15am Level 1 (for 1&2yos with caregiver)

10:30am Mixed-age Level2 (all ages with caregiver; siblings/family welcome; L2&3 curriculum)

Noon Foundations for Baby & Caregiver (0-1+yos with caregiver)

In the afternoon I'm adding...

3:30pm Level4 (caregiver not required to stay)

5:30pm Mixed-age Level 3 with caregivers (for 2-5 yos with caregiver; siblings are welcome; curriculum is L3&4)

I also have a 2pm time slot available & open in NewBraunfels which I can use for lessons, homeschool group, whatever is requested first come first serve.

Wednesdays & Thursdays in Cibolo (Cibolo/Schertz area)

Wed 9:45am Level 2 with caregivers

Wed 11am Level 3 with caregivers

Wed 12:15 Foundations with caregivers

Wed 4pm Level4 (caregivers not required)

Wed 5:15 Level5 or lesson

Wed 6:30 mixedage all ages with caregiver

Thur 9:15am Level1 with caregiver

Thur 10:30am Level2 with caregiver

Thur 11:45am Foundations for baby&caregiver

Thur 4pm Level 5 or lesson

Thur 6pm Mixed-age Level 1 (babies & toddlers)

Mon 5:30pm Mixed-age Level 2 (all ages with caregiver; siblings/family welcome; Level2 curriculum)

Remember if you want your spot held you must reregister

I hope to find out which classes we can start in Jan this week and contact everyone.

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