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What to expect, Studio set up

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Scroll below for a basic explanation of how we’ll organize the classroom space. Moat & ongoing classes at my home studio in Cibolo. But I am in the process of opening classes in NewBraunfels at Faith church- specifics to come soon. (click this link for directions to location)

Of course there will be some differences per locations. Below info was written for Cibolo home studio. Any specific differences at NewBraunfels Faith with be posted as we find them out. For specifics on health & safety (masks & cleaning policies), please check out the separate Health & Safety post in the blog.

Outside Or Inside, All classes, All ages, levels…

We have child proofing and gates where necessary or we will note when special parent supervision/permission is needed. I also have a bin for health & safety with tissues, first aid, etc. All class spaces have a place for your stuff, a communal circle space, and place for each family to sit. Specifics do depend on inside, outside, different locations. We will utilize inside & outside classroom space for different activities. Scroll down for more specific info and pictures.

Family (parent/child) Classes ...

Each family will have a mat or carpet or marked area as their safe zone. The markings depend on the locationbut will have a mat/blanket and a set of instruments for each family. IF you prefer you can bring your own instruments, mat/blanket, objects back & forth. Each family has control over the access to their ‘safe zone’. Try to be aware of others comfort level, be respectful of their space & choices, stay clear of another family’s mat unless invited. I understand that some families have created their own play circles and if so just let me know so I understand that you will be sharing space with other family(ies).

Small Group lessons (Level 3-5)...

will also have individual separate spot for each child. Each spot will have a small table, chair, large box, that can be used as a cubby, mat, lap desk.

Arts & Crafts all ages…

Each family can access a separate tray/lap table And/Or a plastic bag with supplies.

More on Instruments...

As stated above, I do provide each family a set of cleaned materials for use in class- instruments, blankets, mats. In class each family will be provided with a box with instruments to use/explore throughout class. If you prefer you can purchase instrument packages that you take home and bring to class- multiple instrument packages will be available (see the separate blog post about materials available for more information).

Inside specifics below (Cibolo home studio)

We have a contained inside safe place to relax and explore with air-conditioning and protection from the weather and reduced distractions. There is a designated space for your shoes/stuff. The is a mat or carpet for sitting and exploring as a class.

Each individual family safe zone- will be marked (right now each family will have an area rug to themselves). The space outside of markings (area rugs in Cibolo) will be a communal space for exploration and dancing with other families. You can stay inside your safe zone (your carpet) or move around in the communal area with the other families. Please respect other family’s boundaries- stay out of another families safe zone (rug) unless you’ve agreed privately otherwise. Right now Adults need masks inside but see health & safety blog post for more information on masks, cleaning, and other details including about the changing policies.

Outside specifics below (Cibolo home studio)

Outside time for classes is usually in the courtyard shaded under the trees and gated with a fence. The bricked circle is communal space and there are also individual mats for family safe zones or personal space. Right now masks are optional/your choice outside. Occasionally throughout the year we do Exploration throughout the property including…private meadow, tree forest, fire pit… depending on the theme, activity.  


We can steam into Your Personal Environment, giving you insight into how to use Kindermusik in your everyday lives (Insert a picture of your space here😉). Available for special info/classes or special weather days or special age groups (depending on registration). I also know several educators who are doing all virtual classes and I can refer you to them by request.

Kindermusik’s App and computer site will also provide you with resources for home or wherever you are.

A special note that small children are still learning about social rules and boundaries. DiscoveryMeadowStudio tries to be a safe place/no judgement zone. We suggest using modeling and redirection to help children learn boundaries but to also be understanding with each other’s different needs. More on respecting each other’s boundaries and agreements for class...

*staying home, do virtual when sick *Adult mask inside or when in close contact with those outside your family

*options without masks outside

*keeping instruments separate

*see health and safety post for more on this topic

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