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What we do to inspire & prepare

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Review of another activity we do regularly. Earlier this month we listened to jazz piano (like you hear in Charle Brown), played the floor piano using our feet, and used spider fingers on the acoustic piano. Piano/keyboard repeatedly explored to learn proper touch/hand placement and as a physical & visual for musical concepts & theory. The structure of the piano is also easily linked to other barred & keyboard instruments which we move through throughout the year often related to local events or seasonal themes (accordion, xylophone, bells, organ, and more). We regularly explore all kinds of instruments from keybord to string to wind to percussion... exploring them in a variety of ways.... learning basic skills.... all with relatable developmental process based in the human body/voice/experience. This is how we prepare children for traditional instrument lessons and a lifelong relationship with music. #lessonprep #pianoforkids #musicandmovement #musicclassesforbabies #musicclassesfortoddlers #musicclassesforpreschoolers #musicclassesforkids #kindermusikbysallycommunity #discoverymeadowstudio

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