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  • Sally Dancy

Winter materials & activities

Winter themes will include Stars & Trains, Toys & Trips, Home & Meadow. We will…

explore the evening sky,

night time and home rituals,

traveling by train & to the stars, and finally the wildflower meadow.

in January special event - a partnership with Disney to bring you a special Kindermusik class based on DisneyJr’s Mickey Mouse Funhouse.

in early March - a Presentation for small group lesson will be inspired by classic works of art. An event designed to encourage development towards performing but with an emphasis on sharing with family, friends, and improvising fun. The children will share a variety of creative work inspired by Mozart, vanGogh, Beethoven,

later in March and into April - Wildflower Meadow. Celebrating the blooming wildflowers with activities in my wildflower meadow enhanced with books and instruments that celebrate nature. (Pictures to come later)

materials for family classes from birth to over 3, Level 0-3

books and instruments available to go with the themes with trains, toy, stars, bells, chime balls, train whistles

materials for small group lessons Level 3-5

We’ll have books on Mozart’s Magic Flute, Beethoven, and you can take home harmonica or drum or paper doll & stage play set.

we’ll explore arts & crafts extensions

parenting tips

And all classes come with digital tools!! which include the app, website, streaming, downloads of

music, books, parenting support, virtual field trips, craft & activity instructions

to see how to access all these wonderful tools click

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