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Winter Extras, Events, info on Term

Updated: Jan 3

last minute gift? Get a gift certificate for your choice of $

makeup for special fire event TBA

Makeups/extras/play dates for Fall term can be done all January- either come to the day/time you are registered in or contact me to rsvp for any other day/time that is compatible with your needs & level

Makeups & Extras Begin Jan8th!

"It's Cold Outside" Special Play dates (these special events for the season which can be attended as drop in classes, makeups, or a paid demo) in Jan with winter weather & winter animal exploration.

Throughout winter highlights will include winter, night sky, daily routines.

See schedule link...

•full term is listed from top of link

•For playdates (drop in/paid demo) scroll to bottom of link👇

Officially WinterSpring term will begin late Jan but as soon as you register you can start coming to the Jan extras & playdate classes for free. Once the term officially begins the online system will prorate based on the classes left.

•WinterSpring from Jan 22 to May10

•Spring/Holiday Break Mar 22- Apr 5

•Special Dancing in Wildflower Meadow included (dates depend on when the bluebonnets bloom)- included with term payment

•Throughout May we'll have needed makeups, special events- included with term payment.

•WinterSpring term includes access to 4 months digital (level specific) materials, 12 weeks in person classes, studio lending library & art/craft kits, & one physical book&instrument to keep. A class spot will be held for your preferred day/time AND then you can rsvp for any other space available that's age/level appropriate. During the length of term, both attendance in any day/time & streaming/lending materials (digital & studio library) access is unlimited but not guaranteed - that is you can rsvp & check out as much as you'd like but space & amount available is limited.

Makeups starting Jan 8th

I will periodically update this list for possible additions & cancelations depending on RSVP's (last updated Dec4).

Tuesdays in NB

•9:30am 10ms - 2yos

•10:30am 2-4yos (some siblings welcome with ok)

•5:30pm all ages welcome (curriculum focus on mixedage L2 1-4yos)

Wednesdays in Cibolo

•9:30am 1-3yos

•10:45am 3-5 yos

•12:15pm babies 3mo-18mo

•4pm 4-7yos

Thursdays in Cibolo

•9:30am 1-3yos

•4pm 5-8yos

•6pm 10mo- 2yos

Some extra classes that will be available if I get enough registrations (via the registration link)...

•Infant Foundations class in NB Tues at noon

•Small group lesson in NB Tue 4pm

•Family class in Cibolo Weds at 6pm

•2-5 yos with parents in Cibolo Thu at 10:30

Join us in Jan 2024 for lots of winter fun. Including themes of toys, stars, winter weather & animals & play pretend.

Like pretending to skate to the Skater's Waltz.

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