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Winter themes, books, instruments

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For the winter we will explore the Home, Lights & the Night Sky, It's cold outside and Toys & Trains.

All term passes come with an instrument & a book which you can pick once you've paid the one month minimum on your balance.

For the extra/free holiday deal for instrument & book by Holiday Break - pay deposit for Winter Spring & pick any book in my stock including what I have left over from last term or for below books and single bell, jingle bells, clip clap, train whistle, red harmonica instruments pick/order must be in by December 5th!!

If you pay for WinterSpring term in full you can receive Any book & instruments (including lesson instrument for 2yos & above) as soon as your payment goes through- to receive before Christmas you must pay & pick preference by Dec5!!

During Winter Spring, I will have available (in stock or to order) the below books & instruments...

Foundations (infants & babies) Albums: Peas & Carrots, Nighty Night , with extras from Rhythm of my Day, This Litte Train

Books good for 0-1 (board books): Pat-a-Cake, This Little Train, The Rhythm of My Day

Instruments: jingle or single bell

Level 1 (babies & young toddlers) Albums: Yum, Family All Around Me with extra from Around the House, This litte Train, It's Cold Outside

Books good for 0-2yos : Rhythm of My Day (board book), This Litte Train, Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star ,

Books good for 1-2yos (board books): Cookie Party ( Yum), Pete & PJ(Hello Day), Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

I also have limited stock or the board books Hickory Dickory Dock, Pete & PJ, NightyNight

Level 2 & mixedage (1-3 yos or 2-4yos) Albums: Time for Lunch, Milk & Cookies, with extras from Around the House, Up in the Sky, It's cold outside

Books for 1-3 yos (heavy paper): House for Me, Cookies, Pete & PJ, Zane the Train

Instruments good for 1-3 yos: jingle bells(wearable or handheld) or clip clap

Instruments good for 2-4yos: wearable jingle bells (free if you pay deposit for WinterSpring) , and the stir xylophone (free if you pay in full for Winter Spring)

Level 3 (3-5yos) Albums: Home Sweet Home, Let's Play with extras from HelloWeather, it's cold outside

Books good for 3-5yos: Golden Bear, House for Me, Sweet Pea

Books good for both Level 3&4: Ant Picnic Feast, Hurry Home Little Kittens

Level 4 (4-6yos) Albums: Jazz Kitchen, Giggles, Sing a Story with extras from Hello Weather, It's cold Outside

Books good for 4-6 yos : (magazines paper) Noodles from Scratch, Giggles (Joke book), Papageno's Feathers,

(Heavy paper) Hurry Home Little Kittens, Ant Picnic Feast

Reminder to receive one of the instruments suggested for Level 3, 4, 5 small group lessons you must pay a one month minimum.

Instrument suggestions for level 3 to 5 lessons: resonator bars or harmonica

Kindermusik L5 Musicians (5-8yos) Album,

Musicians Book suggestion (heavy paper): Papageno's Feathers (about Mozart's Majic Flute), The Duel (about Beethoven), A Dance of Our Own

Musicians Instruments: glockenspiel (comes with 1st semester) , dulcimer, recorder, drum (these can be added in future semesters if you don't already have one)

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