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Almost everything I do is coordinated or an extension to Kindermusik 

Our program includes special events, projects, outings, weekly regular classes.  Both in classes and online i provide resources for arts, parenting, development & education.   To access daily updated information on classes/activities, articles, funnies, fun activities at home & around our community, and more community connections you can check out.....

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An added value to every regular Kindermusik there are a variety of extensions, inspirations, and free exploration that reflect our own personal touch and commitment to balanced development.

Free self-directed activities before & after class...

include art/crafts projects, listening music, story telling/books, games, developmental/sensory exploration, nature exploration, theme inspired constructions, dramatic play inspirations, parent/child memory art (at least once a season).

Another added value is special events which explore and celebrate special places, focus on a special kind of movement (like exercise or dance), special seasonal events&celebrations.  Most are included without extra cost.  Dates are sometimes but not always added to the page.  If no dates are available you can check out my Blog or contact me for currently scheduled events.

**Registration Event: 

**Mommy (Caregiver) & Me Yoga (caregiver & babies): 

**Nature Walk & Nature in our Backyard with classes: 

**Movie Night- Coco: 

**Fall presentation for small group lesson classes: 

**Family Fire Pit & Drumming around the Fire: 

**Parent's Night out (most slots for potty trained) $10/$15: 

**Parent's Day out (for babies) $10/$15: 

**Winter Wonderland & Lights.  Each year and season has a different theme

** Winter Events...

** Indoor Drum circle:

** Movie night:

**Mommy(caregiver) & Me Yoga (caregiver& babies):

**Dancing in the Meadow (usually with wildflowers):

Every year we have.... Art in my Park(courtyard) including Memory Art (projects designed to be special memories), Dancing in my private Meadow, Stroll through my Park, Drum circles, Fire pit,  Holiday Lights/Celebrations, Theatre/Art/Music inspired presentations (not your typical recital).