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Cibolo/Schertz Studio

Be careful to use complete correct address with GPS or map (including zip code)... 424 Wiedner Road, Cibolo TX 78108

My driveway is at an all way stop sign intersection- if you do get lost you can Text me at 210-373-5406. Construction in the area & similar road names in SA can confuse GPS. At the road my mailbox has 424 AND I do have Kindermusik signs marking entrance to driveway, courtyard, & studio door -see pics below. (some signs are being updated this year to feather shape sign)


May 2023 note: Our class size and Health&Safety policies have returning to normal. You can always check my blog for timely notices. Detailed policy info in on my policy pages.



This location is on my acreage; down an old country road from Schlather Park & local subdivisions (I have a little map picture with 2 closest subdivisions & major local roads in relation to my studio). When you arrive at the studio's location on Wiedner Road you will turn off the country road onto a cement entrance apron which leads to a rock circular drive. You can park anywhere off to the side of the circular drive.  The studio's entrance is through a court yard & next to my residence. I have an outside and an inside space for activities.   There is a sink and caddy with masks & other supplies either just outside or just inside the indoor classroom door.  If it's time for class- come on into the studio, find a cub-y for your personal items, and make yourself comfortable.  If I'm not in the studio you can ring the doorbell located on the studio's door. Click here for more information about our Studio. For turn by turn or other detours (there seems to always be construction somewhere) scroll below


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 Scroll Below for Map, Turn By Turn, detour Directions
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studio door.jpg
courtyard classroom.jpg

Turn by turn & special directions to 424 Wiedner Road:

**Weather Detour note: to bypass most of the low water crossings around Cibolo... go through the subdivision Cibolo Crossing, on Cibolo Crossing Blvd. There is a light on 1103 at Cibolo Crossing; turn onto Cibolo Crossing Blvd and follow through to the new construction.  Turn left onto Ramsdale Way and take to the 3 way stop with Wiedner Rd.  424 Wiender is on the right immediately after the 3 way stop.

***If you need to Detour because of construction below are a variety of ways to get to the studio.

From 78 (RAFB, 1518, Marion) to 1103

Take 78 to 1103 (from RAFB& 1518, right onto 1103).  Off of 1103 you can go through Cibolo Crossing (directions above).  Also Wiedner Road intersects directly with 1103 (see the next set of directions).

From I-35 north of Cibolo/Schertz     

Turn left onto 1103.  Wiedner Rd can be found directly off of 1103;  Just past Green Valley Road you will see a Cibolo water town on your right - turn right onto Wiedner just BEFORE the water tower. 424 is all the way at the other end of Weidner on the left at the 3 way stop with the new subdivision (Ramsdale Way).               

From I-35 south of Schertz/Cibolo 

Take right onto Cibolo Valley Dr. then - left onto Green Valley Road, and right onto Town Creek Road.  Continue on Town Creek until it  dead-ends at road barriers - turn left onto Wiedner at the barriers. 424 is immediately past the first left turn on Wiedner.


From 3009

Turn right at the United Methodist Church onto Green Valley Rd.  Continue on Green Valley when it crosses Cibolo Valley Road past the storage facility.  From Green Valley you will continue to (turn right onto) Town Creek to (turn left at the barriers) Wiedner.  To avoid all the low water crossings take 3009 to 78 to 1103 to Cibolo Crossing subdivision (see directions at top**)                                   


From Borgfeld Rd. OR Cibolo Valley Dr.

Go to BentWood Ranch and turn onto Bentwood Drive;  take a left at Bentwood Pass, a right onto Town Creek and a left at the barriers onto Wiedner Road.                                                                                                       

From downtown Cibolo/78 take Main St which turns into Bentwood Ranch Drive. turn right onto Bentwood Pass, turn right onto Town Creek then onto Wiedner (left at the barriers).  Again to avoid all the low water crossings take Cibolo Valley to 1103 to Cibolo Crossing subdivision (see directions at top**)

Once you are on Wiedner Rd. look for the Kindermusik sign, #424, and a cactus lined cement drive way (it's after the 1st 90 degree bend from Town Creek; it's before the 4th 90 degree bend from 1103).                                                   


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