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Activities for Baby with Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver

for one year olds and younger

no Judgement post natal support & development groups

For Babies (0-24 months) with caregivers;


Weekly curricula:

Foundations (0-1)

Mixed Age Level 1 (0-2)

Level 1 (1-2)

for this age classes stay under 45-50 min

Activities Include:   free & sensory exploration, socialization, guided exercises, group dancing, instrumental & vocal exploration, story & verse & musical appreciation, sign language,  creative movement, massage, bonding/rocking/breathing/quiet time.

Special Events can also add other special activities like: Mom&Baby Yoga, Baby Wearing Dances, Strolling in Park, Bubble exploration, Wildflower Meadow,  more.

More on DiscoveryMeadowStudio's focus below...

Discover a special time for you and your baby together to get out of the house, meet others, move bodies, encourage development, make music/art, and connect with each other and the world.

*A great way for Babies & parents/caregivers to lift minds & bodies & spirits with music and movement. 

*A time for you and your baby to center, sooth, connect, and expand with the guidance of a trained professional.  

*A no judgment community that celebrates your bond, supports your journey, and fosters your creativity.

*A calm & relaxed & balanced environment for both caretakers and their infants, new walkers, or introverted toddlers.

I offer 3 different age group options...

Foundations: birth to 12/18 months.  Focusing on activities on the floor and in caregivers arms, sensory environment created to be rich but sensitive to the young or easily over stimulated, and parent discussion time.  

Level 1 Mixed-age: a mixed age group that is inclusive for babies transitioning to toddlerhood, toddlers who are sensitive to overstimulation, and/or families with multiple age children with a focus on younger age range.  Instructor uses experience & skill to balance the mixed ages and parent needs.

Level 1 age specific: 1 to 2 year olds.  Focus on the needs of young walkers and talkers and their caregivers.  Managing the special movement, emotional/social, and cognitive needs of new movement & verbal skills.  Also supporting caregivers through this turbulent and often stressful developmental time.


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