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Schedule, Calendar, Level Info

Current & upcoming announcements, changes, specifics will be on posted on my blog. Current, upcoming schedules are on (see buttons below).

Inside classes available, we go Outside for special events when weather allows, Online/Virtual support is also available.

Summers can vary so see blog & link for current info & listings

In person Kindermusik classes in Schertz/Cibolo classes available Wednesday-Thursday.

In person Kindermusik classes in NewBraunfels available on Tuesdays

 Fridays Saturdays Sundays Mondays...
We are currently looking for either an Educator/Business partner so we can offer these Days again.  If you are interested in a weekend class please contact me to be put on waiting list

Arts Extensions & other lessons

Coordinated with Kindermusik themes & philosophy.  Classes & special events.

For younger children in Kindermusik classes all arts & kinds of creativity are included in class, events, or home extensions.

For older age groups some separate classes are available to focus on a particular field.

New Virtual access for those who need a break or other wise can't do in-person. Will include unlimited streaming of Kindermusik content, and access to teacher via zoom for ideas, advise, directions, class activities. Although you can schedule these personally at anytime availability is concentrated on Fridays and Mondays.  I can also put you in contact with studios that specialize in fully virtual class.

.Makeups, events, & more are...If regular schedule is disrupted because of studio postponements/cancellations for weather/illness/emergency, studio will open & makeup during some off/closed weeks (see blog for specific term). Pass holders have unlimited attendance & makeups for any age appropriate day/times, as space is available. This allows for occasionally missed classes to be made up easily.  Many special events are also included free in passes.  If a special event has an extra fee , classes will be notified and it will be listed as such.If there is an extended studio OR health/safety emergency a credit for next month/season can be given if necessary.

General Calendar with Year 'round activities..

Studio is open throughout the year for approximately 32-36 weeks of classes.  

Studio is closed for Holiday weeks plus inservice.  If needed we will use in-service weeks as makeup dates (for weather/teacher cancelation/postponements) or extra special events (which can be used for student makeups or one time PlayDates). 

Celebrations....seasonal, local/cultural, holiday.

Presentations.... Not your average recital and scheduled every Fall & Spring.  Occasional special event like end of weeklong summer camps.

Seasons currently are...
Fall-Winter season/term will have 12 weeks of classes between Labor Day and Holiday break and 4 months of digital access (Oct-Jan). With extras 7 makeups in Sept&May.
Winter-Spring season/term will have 12 weeks of classes between NewYear and Memorial Day and 4 months of digital access (Feb- May). extra & makeups in Jan & May.
Summer options include 12 weeks or 4 weeks of classes ( 4 or 1 month of digital access between Memorial Day/May to Labor Day/Sept).  With extras & makeups in May&Sept.

Holiday days or weeks...
Open usually for MLK, Presidents, Columbus, & Veterans Days
Closed for...
Thanksgiving week, New Years week, spring break week (SCUCISD Calendar), IndependenceDay or week (depending on year), week before & after Christmas, week before & after Easter, week before & after Memorial Day, week before and after Labor Day. There will also be weeks off occasionally for weather/emergency/holiday as needed for situation; if needed makeups can be scheduled during some holiday weeks- see blog for current term changes/tweaks. 


Notes on DayCamps, holidays/Summer, Weekends  We are currently looking for Educator/Business partners so we can offer these again.

Personalized/Lessons  Contact me if you're interested in something for your group-- limited availability for personalized groups.  Currently I am NOT taking any new student individual lessons- if you are a KindermusikbySally family/graduate you can contact me personally for availability. 

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