due to health situation-- we have Virtual Classes, OUTside classes, on-line support-- inside onhold 

Please see website blog for the changes  including special scheduling at this time

'Blog' button for up to date info (including specific dates, special events, holiday & make up info)

I also have updated info on my process for assessing the situation on the Happy and Healthy page on this site.


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BELOW  you will find ....

regular schedule listed like locations, days, times, ages,

general year'round & season calendar, holiday & makeup calendar)

everything is color coded (key below)

RED is for Alerts

Winter session will depend on both health and weather situation

I post the most current updates and timely info on the blog

currently there aren't any in-side in-person classes but we do have virtual and outside in Cibolo on the schedule- again dependent on weekly/daily health & weather situation

PEACH color is for Cibolo Location: day, times, info- '?' notates possible or on hold

BLUE/GREEN is for New Braunfels Location: day, times, info- ?NOTE? all NB locations on hold 

PURPLE color is General yearly calendar- 2020through2021 will likely have alterations 

WHITE color is for temporary situations - right now virtual or outdoor do to pandemic 

 highlighted are days of the week...


in New Braunfels we are waiting for location to open

*? am Mixed-age younger (L0-2 or L1 specific) :  class for baby/toddlers &caregiver(s)

*?11am possible virtual class  Mixed-age older family class with caregivers

*?Foundations: for babies and caregivers

in Cibolo

*?3or4 possible Virtual class  pm L3orL4: lesson group for over 3 yo.  Parents & siblings welcome at end of class for sharing time.  Art projects available at 5 pm.

*OUTside 5pm mixed age


New Braunfels possible future times TBA

*? am mixed-age:  class for babies & toddlers and caregiver(s)

*?am Level 3&4 withOUT parents

in Cibolo possible

*?pm younger mixed age &babies


* OUTside 10am  Mixed-age

* ?noon or 2 pm Foundations: for babies birth to 1 year old Only & caregiver(s)

*?lesson group for over age 3. Art projects available at 3:45.

* ?5:30pm mixed age with toddlers and caregiver(s)


*OUTside 10 am Mixed-age   

*?am  Level2-3

*?pm  Mixed age younger  normally a Baby class  

*OUtside 6:30 or 5:30pm  Mixed-age older  (Level 2,3): for families with 2-5 yearolds & all age siblings & caregivers 


*Fridays mornings**occasionally i have special events & baby class.  You can see if any are schedule on bookings,blog,facebook, or contact me for more info

*OUTside 4:30pm Level4&5 normally just Level 5 small group music with special art & theater extensions

Saturday or SundayIf you are interested in a weekend class please contact me to be put on waiting list

DayCamps during holidays  holiday day camps are usually Mondays Wednesdays or Fridays

Year 'round activities...

Studio is open throughout the year-  

Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) has about 10 weeks of classes over 3months for a total of 40 weeks over the year.  Studio is usually closed for Holiday weeks (usually 2 a season); however, these weeks may also be use as makeup dates (for weather/teacher cancelation) or special events (which can be used for student makeups). 

Seasons generally are...

Spring is from Spring Break (March) to Memorial Day weekend

Summer is from 1st/2nd week of June to 2 weeks before Labor Day 

Fall is from day after Labor Day to Thanksgiving (or beginning of Dec)

Winter is from 1st/2nd week of December to Spring Break (March)

Holiday weeks...

Open usually for MLK, Presidents, Columbus, & Veterans Days

Closed for...

Thanksgiving week, week before & Christmas week, week between Christmas & New Years, New Years week, spring break week (SCUCISD Calendar), week before Easter, Friday before to week after Memorial Day, week of 4th of July, 2 weeks prior to & Labor Day.

Studio is closed for regular classes on holiday weeks BUT may be open for special events, weather or emergency makeups if needed, and consultations TBA.

Makeups, events, & more are...

Pass holders have unlimited attendance & makeups for any age appropriate class, all day/times, as long as space available.  Also many special events are included in passes. There are some special events that have extra fees.  And there are also makeups/extra classes built into the schedule through a seasonal overlap in Dec (for Fall &Winter), Mar (for Winter & Spring), June (for Spring &Summer), Sept (for Summer&Fall)

If you have any problems, you can text me at 210-373-5406 or click on the 'ask me a question' button.

Also regularly on the schedule

Arts Extensions ...or younger kids coordinated with Kindermusik classes & special events, older have opportunity for focused classes on Fridays

Celebrations....during seasonal holiday times or local celebrations

Presentations.... every Fall & Spring and sometimes at the end of weeklong camps

Not your average recital.

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