Inside classes, online support, and we can connect you with virtual classes.
Please see website blog or social media for up-to-date changes... weather, special events, themes, makeups, health&safety.  We utilize outside when we can but weather does limit. For detailed information, you can contact me directly OR see specific pages... like Policies, Blog. 



Below find...

Weekly Schedule: a list of days, times, ages, at each location

General Calendar: a list of year'round & season, holiday & makeup calendar

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'Contact me' button:  to contact me personally anytime (for any issues, questions, rsvp with me personally)

Other buttons/link at the bottom of page for info: 'policies', 'payment explanation', 'what we do in class', 'special events'.

Everything is color coded for quick reference (key below).

RED is for Alerts

PEACH color is for Cibolo Location: day, times, info-

? notates possible or on hold;  ^ notates currently outside

BLUE/GREEN is for New Braunfels Location: day, times, info

PURPLE color is General yearly calendar- 2021 will have alterations as we tweak schedule 

WHITE text color is Virtual 

 highlighted are days of the week or yearly subject 

spring and summer note: currently our classes utilize both indoors & outdoors.  As we slowly move back to a normal schedule we'll be adding locations and more specific age/level groups.  I post the most current updates, policies, weather, and timely info on the blog.

Weekly Schedule

If you are interested in virtual classes contact me personally and I can connect you with several options. 


Monday Evenings... 

in Cibolo

  • 4pm L3orL4: lesson group for over 3 yo.  Parents & siblings welcome at end of class for sharing time.  Art projects available too.

  • 6pm Mixed Age (younger group right now) with parent/child/family

Mondays or Tuesdays...

We have a New Braunfels location.  

day and times for this location may change as I assess the new situation

options may include....

  • ?TBA 9am Mixed-age younger (L0-2 or L1 specific) family class with caregivers

  • starting now! 10:30am Mixed-age older family class with caregivers

  • ?TBA 12noon Foundations: for babies and caregivers

  • ?L3-4 lesson group without parents


  • 8:45am inperson baby/young toddler class Foundations-Level1 : for babies to 1 year olds Only & caregiver(s)

  •  10am  Mixed-Age parent/child/family (mostly older toddlers/young preK but all are welcome)

  • 4pm  L3-5 small group w/out parent 


  • 10am  Mixed-Age  (older group L2&3) parent/child/family 

  • 11:30am inperson baby class Foundations: for babies birth to 1 year old Only & caregiver(s)?Looking to start an older group; time is flexible; please contact me if you are interested  

  • 6pm Mixed-Age (all age) with parent/child/family

 Fridays Saturdays Sundays Mondays...

We are currently looking for Educator and Business partners so we can offer these Days.  If you are interested in a weekend class please contact me to be put on waiting list

DayCamps during holidays  We are currently looking for Educator and Business partners so we can offer these again.

Personalized/Lessons  Contact me if you're interested in something for your group-- limited availability for personalized groups.  Currently I am NOT taking any new students for individual lessons.  HOWEVER I am in search for partners so I can open back up.

Also regularly seen on the schedule seasonally 

Arts Extensions ...or younger kids coordinated with Kindermusik classes & special events.

Celebrations....during seasonal holiday times or local celebrations

Presentations.... every Fall & Spring and sometimes at the end of weeklong camps...Not your average recital.

Year 'round activities...

Studio is open throughout the year-  

Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) has about 10 weeks of classes over 3months for a total of 40 weeks over the year.  Studio is usually closed for Holiday weeks (usually 2 a season); however, these weeks may also be use as makeup dates (for weather/teacher cancelation) or special events (which can be used for student makeups). 

Seasons generally are...

Spring is from Spring Break (March) to Memorial Day weekend

Summer is from 1st/2nd week of June to 2 weeks before Labor Day 

Fall is from day after Labor Day to Thanksgiving (or beginning of Dec)

Winter is from 1st/2nd week of December to Spring Break (March)

Holiday weeks...

Open usually for MLK, Presidents, Columbus, & Veterans Days

Closed for...

Thanksgiving week, week before & Christmas week, week between Christmas & New Years, New Years week, spring break week (SCUCISD Calendar), week before Easter, Friday before to week after Memorial Day, week of 4th of July, 2 weeks prior to & Labor Day.

Studio is closed for regular classes on holiday weeks BUT may be open for special events, weather or emergency makeups if needed, and consultations TBA.

Makeups, events, & more are...

Pass holders have unlimited attendance & makeups for any age appropriate class, all day/times, as long as space available.  Also many special events are included in passes. There are some special events that have extra fees.  And there are also makeups/extra classes built into the schedule through a seasonal overlap in Dec (for Fall &Winter), Mar (for Winter & Spring), June (for Spring &Summer), Sept (for Summer&Fall)

If you have any problems, you can text me at 210-373-5406 or click on the 'ask me a question' button.