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We use a variety of materials in class AND there are materials for home use too.

Materials in class/studio/activity.... craft supplies, tools, manipulatives, props, equipment, instruments, and live & recorded music. 

Materials 'AtHome' for you and your child to use/access at home.... digital access, literature books (physical or download), music download/CD, activities (physical or digitally accessible) and physical instruments. 

Also there are crafts/props, playsets/games, tote bag/backpack, lesson books/sheets-- depending on the curricula, theme, & age.  

Digital materials are accessed through Kindermusik's website and APP.

You can see specifics about current themes and availability on social media and blog.

Notes for 2022: Limited time to use downloading feature... expires July31 2022 for accounts, Dec 2022 download cards

Aug 2022  Kindermusik streaming will change to unlimited for age/level registered (must be registered to have unlimited- once you disenroll you will have access to a best of album).

I am also creating a lending library for any & all discontinued physical materials (that are still save of course) like CD's , activity kits, etc.

The Kindermusik materials that are included for use at home are high quality.  Their safety standards are above those federally mandated.  Their books & music & at home materials are available on line or in the physical.  Kindermusik understands our world (especially tech) is in constant change so they work to provide options for the modern family.  Kindermusik also recognizes the need and developmental need for the physical for children's learning so they offer well designed and made physical books, instruments, even some playsets.  Books for babies are board books.  Instruments are focused for both safety and development needs.  And Kindermusik regularly updates their curricula, music, books, and instruments to not only for quality but also based on current science & society need.

Materials available depend on the theme and curricula changes throughout the year.  Kindermusik has more than 6 years of developmentally designed materials for children from birth to over 7 year olds.  Exactly what materials go home also depends on the theme & curricula but you will receive a minimum of one digital theme. That will include music download, one literature book download. Physical books and an instrument available with seasonal package or as extras (one instrument every 10 weeks).  CDs available on request.

If/when a child transitions to a small group or personalized lesson (usually 4 or older) they will start to receive home assignments and there own instrument (sticks/mallets, drum, resonator bars, glockenspiel, dulcimer, recorder); a reusable tote bag or backpack is also available so they can keep track of activities done at home to be brought back to class.

**There are also extras that are available for an extra fee from Kindermusik International... books, instruments, totes, activity or game sets.

**I am also creating a lending library for discontinued materials (activity kits, books, CD's, and more).