Discover a Kindermusik class...

Music is a great facilitator for development of all kinds-- cognitive, physical, social and emotional.  And it nurtures creative expression, knowledge accusition, and skill development when coordinated with the senses-- ie the observation & experimentation of patterns, structure, coordination, dexterity, concepts, & symbols.  We experience music in connection with visual arts, nature/science, movement/dance, theater, language, & literature...  Music lights up the brain, exercises the body, and lifts the spirit! 

We try to limit distraction by keeping our environment simple.  We ask that you help us by ---. 

  • bringing only what is needed for that day's activities

  • leaving food/drink/binkies/toys at home or in car

  • do bring if you have them, your studio tote bag & home assignment if any (will be assigned in class if needed or you can contact us if you're not sure)

  • coming prepared to move -- parents & kids

  • for art and science activities - clothing & shoes must be able to get "up close & personal" with paint/dirt

  • For Kindermusik - shoes that can be removed.  Although not required, this does help with balance & safety

  • for science - shoes designed for physical activity

  • for outside activities - bring what you need for comfort & safety (including type of clothes, protection from sun or bugs, etc)

  • New  if there is a special situation like a pandemic or weather please check contact us or check social media or blog for up to date info

We explore together as a family and a community-- from Hello to Goodbye.  Linking music with rituals (like clean up, bedtime, bathing, eating) helps to integrate music into your daily routine.  Using music together helps us connect & work together as a community.


Rocking, swinging, and parent/child intentional touch are all part of the nurturing environment that surround your younger child with support and love.  Your child will learn intellectually and thrive emotionally in all of Discovery Meadow activities!

In Kindermusik the Home Materials are coordinated to each semester, curriculum, and age.

In class & home materials are included!
Materials that may be included in home pack are 

  • instrument(s), music cd(s), 

  • song and activity book(s), 

  • literature book(s), art, game, crafts, and 

  • carrying case.

We use materials and instruments both in class and for use at home that have been specifically designed or carefully chosen by education specialists for each age group.  Using age appropriate instruments helps develop dexterity.

We also experience art, music, instruments, and activities from around the world.
Expanding life experiences, mental pathways, and opening up new creative directions.

Using manipulatives not only adds to the fun but allows your child the opportunity to learn through multi-sensory manipulation.  With dance, exercise, and games your child will learn fine & gross-motor skills needed to keep them healthy and athletic. 

Your child will experience immersion in concepts through activities chosen and directed to be developmentally and age appropriate.  They will have opportunities to experience & appreciate, theory, ear training, and creative improvisation/composition.  They will experience color and line exercises/experimentation, unusual materials, and their own creativity.  They will be inspired by great art/music & artists from around the world.   They will have fun with experimentation while learning how the world works.  They will gain knowledge of what is known and encouraged to think & create in new directions.  All on their level!



We laugh
We learn
We create 
We explore         
We dance


As your children develop they will have opportunities to share what they have learned with others.  First experiencing artistic expression with their families and class communities.  Then eventually inspiring others through presentation & performance.

Read about research, buy instruments, or find other educators through Kindermusik International