Full Studio Policies

Registration is required to reserve an activity.  Names, contact numbers, and special need/situations/allergies must be registered with the studio.  All information stays private and stays in house with KindermusikbySally (with Kindermusik and teacher's access).  But is never sold or shared.
Either a Membership Pass or Season Pass must be purchased at time of registration. 
You can fill out the form at your leisure (see button).
Before you visit contact us by email, text, message, or 'book' a visit.
Below you will find synopsis of our policies, links (see button) for details.... 

This is a crazy long list which I know is too much- but attempt to be thorough.

Fee basics (scroll below for more specifics)

  • Fees can vary and are subject to change.

  • Fees include tuition, materials, and registration.

  • Fees support location, materials in class, professional teacher/facilitator, physical materials for home use, digital materials that can be accessed for home use, digital support from website & social media.

  • A payment & registration is required to hold a space for an activity. Enrolment is continuous and continues until you request or initiate disenrollment.  This includes breaks because of illness or emergency unless a special arrangement has been made (do to time of year or special situation).

  • You may disenroll or take a break at any time but 30 day notice by email/writing or from your my.kindermusik account is required.

  • Full refund if class time or activity is permanently canceled by instructor and if materials have NOT been received/allotted.

  • Non refundable or returnable: tuition used (based on notification of disenrollment), materials received; registration/notification fee.

  • Occasionally scheduling changes do happen because of unavoidably or unforeseen situations... teacher absence/emergency, location issues, weather, attendance/registration, or public safety/other emergency. Policies for all all available/listed under those subjects.

  • Makeups, discounts, multi class, rescheduling for clients available.  Policies for those listed under those subjects. 

  • When you sign up you are accepting your policies including those on illness, weather, location, payment/refund/makeups, materials, in class policies, etc.  We respect each family as individuals and expect respect for us as well. 

Payments can be made by…​

  • Cash in person at a consultation or class

  • Credit/Debit in person at a consultation/class or on web sites (DiscoveryMeadowStudio.com or Kindermusik.com)

  • PayPal sally@discoverymeadowstudio.com

  • Check in person at a consultation/class or by mail; make checks out to Sally Dancy.


Discounts can vary and are subject to change (see website).  Refunds on discounts or specials .

  • Babies under 4 month can come to family classes at no fee.

  • Siblings 4 months – 8+ years:  50% discount off lesser activity fee.

  • Older/younger siblings – no fee for over  8 in baby & family classes.  Older age ranges depend on participation of activities.

  • Families large with multiple children – a special family and private group rates are available.

  • There are also discounts available for multiple activities or classes for families.  Special access to events & special services for existing registered families; registered student regularly doing more than one regularly scheduled class each week is 50% off additional classes; occasional extra class for makeups free.

  • Military/First responders/Teachers... almost every family in our community has a connection to at least one of these noble professions - so much so that ultimately decided to keep my program priced for them.  If you are not part of one of these please think about donating to the studio scholarships.

Specials, Advanced or payment plans, Prorating.​

  • my new system at KMbySallyDancy.kindermusik.com will allow some automatic calculation of payment options, prorates, disenrollment, more.  However some things will still require personal contact.

  • They are subject to availability- that is it depends on the class, location, time of year, and specific situation.  

  • If prorate or payments arranged, TOTAL fees must be paid by activity date or final month.

  • Tuition adjustments or temporary disenrollment available for extended emergencies & TDY.

  • Prorates are based on monthly or individual lesson fee not the discounted special or pass.

  • Our community has a very large number of families who are military, first responders, teachers, and other essential workers-- I honor all who serve!  Because of administrative costs I have decided to just keep tuition at the same low price I would charge for my fellow military families. 

  • Contact Sally to see what specials and discounts coupons are currently available

Materials (books, instruments, music, crafts, physical & digital)

  • Materials are included in fee but extras can also be bought.

  • Once materials included in package are received (physical and digital) they are yours to keep.  They must be paid in full and cannot be returned unless recalled. 

  • I am creating a lending library for discontinued materials and books -- these materials will be allowed to be checked out but need to be returned (I will have a fee if not returned).

  • New materials will be available every season for upto 7 years.  Every month new digital materials are distributed to your Kindermusik account.  When you have a pass or membership/subscription one physical instrument and one physical book is included per season is included.  Kindermusik has more than 7 years worth of materials based on development.

  • Kindermusik has physical materials and digital materials that can be streamed.  Limited time for downloading- expires July 31 2022.  Materials include access to music, literature (story books and professional guidance), and activities.

  • Starting Aug 2022 streaming will be expanded to unlimited access for age/level registered.  When you disenrolled you will receive access to a best of album for age/level registered. 

  • Music, story books, and some activities can be accessed via computer website or App.  Physical CD’s, books, instrument/manipulative and bag/tote to take home are available through purchase or lending library. 

  • Kindermusik's app.  Allows you to access all your Kindermusik music, books, video with info & activities, and digital instruments for the children to explore.  There are some available free to all.  Once registered and signed in you can access all materials allotted to your account.

  • I already provide an assortment of physical materials because of the importance to early childhood development.  However if you prefer or need physical CD's, printouts for activity/craft/story books, or printed information (instead of digital links & access), I can provide most on request either to keep (buy) or on lend (library).

  • I do take materials back as donations for my scholarship fund or lending library (or if needed, I will buy some materials back). 

Refunds... Special note: I try to be fair but I must calculate based on studio costs holding & preparing a class or lesson time.  Makeups are different because they can be offset by existing openings and classes as a whole. 

  • Month notice of disenrollment or recalculation is required

  • Calculation of refunds will be based on monthly or individual class, month notice of disenrollment is required OR date of official pause in enrollment, materials received  (this included both physical materials and digital materials which can not be returned).

  • When a special discount is arranged refunds will still be based on what was used... registration, materials, spot held.

  • Refunds on deposit for personalized lessons are subject to finding replacement.

  • In some locations and for some activities (especially personalized ones) there will be a nonrefundable registration fee.​

Makeups and rescheduling missed, canceled, or rescheduled activities​

  • Instructors subject to availability and a teaching substitute may be called in if regular instructor is unavailable.  If the instructor or facility cancels, every effort will be made to reschedule the activity.

  • If you miss a regularly scheduled class, a makeup is built into the regular schedule.  Also the fees are created expecting everyone missed occasionally do to life happening.

  • You are also welcome to make up classes or change classes – this is subject to availability so please talk to instructor to make arraignments. 

  • If the activity is a personalized lesson or party rescheduling will be coordinated with the contact person, facility, and instructor.  Refunds are only given if the facility or instructor cannot offer a rescheduled date in good faith.

Illness Policy

We follow either the local schools policies or CDC guidance for illness and public health. 

Please use your best judgment and respect us and others in class.

Fever & intestinal distress free for 24 hours before coming back to class.  If put on antibiotic, wait till next day to return.  Tissue, anti-bacterial wipes, anti-bacterial jell is available in class. 

We follow public health guidance- federal & state & local.  If there is a conflict between those we will have to make a studio judgment on which is best.

Tuition adjustments can be made for extended emergencies.


Weather or other Emergency Policy

Classes, camps, lessons, and even parties can be canceled for adverse weather. 

The studio will make an effort to contact registered families so Please indicate on our registration form which way you prefer to be contacted in an emergency – phone, text or email. 

Also a sign will be posted on the studio door. 

The activity will be rescheduled in good faith.


For the Activity

We are a no judgment zone- understanding and respectful of the diversity of our community.

Although there are times when we have to make policies for functionality.

Schedules/instructors are subject to change do to enrolment, space/instructor availability. 

Be aware that all physical activity includes some risk.

For safety please document all allergies, special needs, or situation on registration.

Engage in outside activities at your own risk and supervise your own child while doing so.

Pictures may be taken during class by other families and by me for classroom use-- please see consent form(s) and indicate if special situation required special protection.  Honestly with teacher & class encouraged- your safety is important and personal choices respected. 

I have different levels of picture release for studio and I will generally ask before using a specific picture or video of your family/child for publicity even if you signed the general release.

Come to class with what you normally travel with, in comfortable clothes, and prepared for activities.  Examples include...

You are welcome to bring a diaper or other bag- we provide a space to put them and shoes during class.

Be prepared to take off your shoes in Kindermusik classes (not mandatory but encouraged).

Clothing may get dirty as we are on the ground or explore craft/art.

Keep weather and location in mind for dress.

For classes, lessons & camps please leave food/drink/binkies/toys at home, in car, or in bag out of site for group activities-- exception can be made for infants,  breast or other needed feeding, children with a special need please talk to instructor.

Be aware of weather, surroundings, and your child's needs. 

For Parties or individual activity coordinate with studio about food or special situations.