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Payment options & Visiting


*Starting for 2024 there will be an annual fee increase of about $10 (specifics vary) to offset inflation and so I can continue to offer the high quality of Kindermusik. New Fees were/will be posted in Nov for the following years classes on my blog, official class listings. I am currently updating all the places on this website through Jan.

*I will offer ways to get a discount by helping to spread awareness & enrollment of Kindermusik & my studio.


  • AtHome digital access

  • Foundations

  • 1 (or mixed age 0-2)

  • 2 (or mixed age 1-3)

  • 3 (or mixed age 2-5)

  • *****

  • 4

  • 5

  • Musical/Arts Group

  • Private Lessons, groups &     playdates

  • One Day Camps

Minimums for 'Drop in' for deposits, special event, Playdate:

$25 for a family with multiple siblings to attend special events/play dates

$20 for one child to attend special events or hold a space & visit with no commitment

$50 per child for one day of camp

Private, personalized, your location $varies but minimum charge of $150 for minimum of 2 hours

Season/Term Pass *












 Month min**









$90 or




any age

Infants & Baby &caregiver

1-2yo early walkers/talkers

18m-3yo confident walker/talkers

3-5 yo PreSchoolers 

4-6 yo PreSchoolers & Kinders

5-7+yo School age

6-10 yo Visual/Theater/Instruments

6-12yo instruments vary

individually designed for your child or group

age & subject vary

**Note** there is $5-10 price increase across the board every new year. I will have ways to get a discount to offset this increase. For special situation changes contact me or see blog for other updates.

**** in all classes from F to Mixed-age Level 3, a caregiver must attend. In all mixed-age Level1-3, siblings are welcome (see discount info for charges). 

* Season/Term Pass includes 12 weeks of classes & 4 months of digital access 

** Minimum payment &administration fee required to hold a spot. Administration fee may be called a registration or deposit- depends on the class/activity.. F-L3 $10-20, Musicians $50. From the date/time of first class the one month mins (listed below) apply. The online payment system will allow you to pay all upfront OR a deposit with automatically calculate payments charged on your card & based on a full term registration. Changes to enrollment (including un-enrollment) require a month notice to process AND balance will be calculated based on time enrolled, materials & classes used/available, and the administration fee. 

Full fees includes ...weekly classes, materials for in class & AtHome (digital & physical), access to instructor/professional, AND special events (makeup weeks are built into the schedule if needed for studio postponements/illness) for the times period.

Special events or 'Playdates' can be paid per visit as 'drop in'.

Special AtHome only package available for $50 that can include physical package, digital/virtual support, or a mix of both.

See the break down below 


A subscription/Memebership is like a "gym membership".  You register once then auto-pay monthly...

Term Pass

A term pass lets you register for a 3-4 month season of the year.  You register once then pay for a whole time at once or in payments...

'Drop In'

for a special event, "PlayDate", or how to visit a class before signing up.  

Total fees will include: registration, tuition, and materials.
Access to Kindermusik's award winning curriculum, 

professionals, and materials.
Discover More

  • Payment Method in person: cash, check, or card.  on-line: card

  • Demos and class Makeups available year round and scheduled as needed- contact us.

  • Makeups  are available with continued registration and through available openings. 

  • Special events and celebrations are included in Membership Passes and Season Pass and may include... seasonal celebrations, presentations for lessons, drum circles, music/art in park or meadow,

  • other past or future event options... Mommy&Baby babywearing/stroller dances, walks, yoga, movie or craft nights, parent night out.


  • free or low cost  visits available (subject to scheduling and space) for new families with no commitment.

  • Discounts available for siblings, multi-subject enrollment, under 4/6months age.  contact Sally for discounts

  • Prorate available for seasonal passes if enroll after season starts or if PSCing/moving household out of SA area

    Will be calculated by adding weeks left in season or weeks coming before disenrollment plus materials/administration fee.
  • Other Discounts, Situations, scholarships- Most of my cliental in this community is military, veteran, first responders, special needs, and teachers.  Because of this and to simplify my book keeping, I keep charges/fees low for all.  If you have a particular hardship/need please talk to me and I am as flexible as possible.  If you wish to 'tip' extra I will apply it to one of the special hardship/need families.


  • Un-enrollment requires a month notice

  • Non refundable: $10-20 (for administration/deposit/registration), tuition used, materials received/allotted (including digital).

  • Calculation of refunds will be based on the month notice, materials received/allotted, and the class time held for you (based on month min fee).

  • It is my goal to treat each family with care and as individuals with value- we too are of value (please respect our humanity, time, costs). 


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