Payment options & Visiting


A subscription/Memebership is like a "gym membership".  You register once then auto-pay monthly...

Season Pass

A season pass lets you register for a 3 month season.  You register once then pay for a whole season at a time...

'Drop In'

for a special event, "PlayDate", or how to visit a class before signing up.  

Total fees will include: registration, tuition, and materials.
Access to Kindermusik's award winning curriculum, 

professionals, and materials.

**Note** For special situation changes contact me, you can also see blog for other updates.

* Season (term) Pass for 12 weeks of classes & 4 months of digital access 

** Monthly payment available through online payment system or occasional specials.  Usually there is a 2 month minimum commitment required for the monthly payments (unless listed as special) and the specific payment will be automatically prorated and set by the system (listed amounts below are for one month specials - the auto pay may be different depending on prorate).

 For weekly classes, All payments assume/include...weekly classes, materials for in class & home (digital & physical), AND special events (makeup weeks built into the schedule if needed for studio postponements).

Special events or 'Playdates' can be paid per visit as 'drop in'.

Special AtHome only package available for $40 that can include physical package, digital/virtual support, or a mix of both.

See the break down below 

'Drop in' to a special event/Playdate fees:

$20 for a family with multiple siblings to attend special events/play dates

$10-20 for one child to attendspecialevent/playdate or hold a space & visit with no ccommitment

$30-50 per child for one day of camp

Private, personalized, your location $varies but minimum charge of $150 for minimum of 2 hours

Season Pass *



























  • AtHome

  • Foundations

  • 1

  • 2

  • Mixed age w/3s

  • 4

  • 5

  • Musical/Arts Group

  • Private Lessons

  • Private groups &     playdates

  • One Day Camps

For who

any age

Infants & Baby

1-2yo early walkers/talkers

18m-3yo confident walker/talkers

all ages with over 3

3-5 yo PreSchoolers 

4-6 yo PreSchoolers & Kinders

5-7+yo School age

6-10 yo Visual/Theater/Instruments

6-12yo instruments vary

individually designed for your child or group

age & subject vary

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  • Payment Method in person: cash, check, or card.  on-line: card

  • Demos and class Makeups available year round and scheduled as needed- contact us.

  • Makeups  are available with continued registration and through available openings. 

  • Special events and celebrations are included in Membership Passes and Season Pass and may include... seasonal celebrations, presentations for lessons, drum circles, Mommy&Baby yoga, babywearing/stroller dances or walks, music/art in park or meadow


  • free or low cost  visits available (subject to scheduling and space) for new families with no commitment.

  • Discounts available for siblings, multi-subject enrollment, under 6months age.  contact Sally for discounts

  • Prorate available for seasonal passes if enroll after season starts or if PSCing/moving household out of SA area

    Will be calculated by adding weeks left in season or weeks coming before disenrollment plus materials/administration fee.
  • Other Discounts, Situations, scholarships- Most of my cliental in this community is military, veteran, first responders, special needs, and teachers.  Because of this and to simply my book keeping I charge the same basic fees to all.  If you have a particular hardship/need please talk to me and I am as flexible as possible.  If you wish to 'tip' extra I will apply it to one of the special hardship/need families.


  • Disenrollment requires a month notice

  • Non refundable: tuition used, materials received, registration or month notification fee (depending on location & activity).

  • Calculation of refunds will be based on the month notice, materials received, and the class time held for you (based on month or individual fee).

  • It is my goal to treat each family with care and as individuals with value- we too are of value and have costs.