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Drop In- for a special event/playdate

Visiting a Kindermusik Level

*Note: Kindermusik level classes are curriculum based and have a process that takes time and we suggest consistency. There are classes you can start at anytime but you can't "drop-in" & out of the regularly scheduled weekly classes one at a time. However I periodically offer Kindermusik PlayDates and special events that you can visit as a drop-in through the year.


Some special events or 'PlayDates'  are available for drop-in (pay per visit.)  For Kindermusik level classes you can visit free with a coupon for a demo (you can also contact me for availability), OR with a low deposit to hold your spot with no other commitment required.  Occasionally a Month Trial is available for Kindermusik level classes (depends on time of year).

If you pay for one special event or playdate at a time...

*Space is subject to availability so you must RSVP ASAP.  Availability is not guaranteed unless payment is received. 

*Fee includes class for your child or your family, registration, professional educator, materials at the studio, and AtHome material package for you to keep & use at home.

per visit- scheduled throughout the year. 

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