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Donna Foster Myer

More about Donna...

   A note from Donna.... I think the common element throughout my life has been CURIOSITY.  I have always stayed in touch with my "inner child"  -- eager to learn new things and new ways to do old things.  I have spent my life teaching, training, and developing curricula in the sciences from elementary to adult education.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science with a minor in Art, a Master of Science in Biophysics, and Doctoral work in health with a focus on stress management.  I play the native American flute and have been a choir member for 35 years.

In college, I took classes across the spectrum of all sciences; I spent an equal amount of time in courses in art and illustration, science writing, communication and teaching.  I have earned a bachelors degree in science, a masters of science in biophysics, and in doctoral level studies I have worked in interpersonal communication skills,
development and function of the brain, stress and its management.  I have taught all ages - from kindergarten through graduate school.  

I, too, love music - my instruments of choice include the Native American Flute and all types of folk drums.  I also do photography and photographic art works










Dr. David Myer

More about Dr. David Myer...

A note about David...just recently retired as head of a small physics department in Trident Technical College in South Carolina, Dr. Myer is contributing to the design and implementation of the new creative science activities, including the one-on-one TUTORING and MENTORING project.  His depth of knowledge and experience in the subject matter is an important resource. 

He has a Doctoral Degree in Physics, a Masters in Computer Science, and extensive experience teaching math and physics at the college and college prep level - and he was a teacher for the Pennsylvania Junior Museum.

He enjoys singing, playing piano and is an accomplished amateur trombone player, currently playing with the local community band and a mentor for several public school musicians.. 

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