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All are welcome

In my studio is this sign...”No Judgement Zone”

None of us are perfect and it’s hard not to be passionate about things we feel so strongly- I know, me too.

BUT @kindermusikbysally #discoverymeadowstudio

We try to give everyone the space to be who they are! Here we support each other and our individual journeys. There are so many different ways to be a successful parent and we acknowledge that each parent and child is an individual.

We do use standard guidelines and rules for safety and health and respect which you can see posted on my websites... policy page, healthy & happy page. This does include a generous makeup policy to encourage families to stay home if they may be sick.

#healthyhappy #nojudgementzone #weareallhuman #loveeachother #respecteachother

here’s a link that illustrates how we feel at the studio

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