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  • Sally Dancy

Black History Links

The last month we made sure to highlight some important musical black histor. Here is some of what we wove into our lessons...

Of course during MLK Day we always have to mention Stevie Wonder’s tribute song

As we moved from Jan to Feb we played an African-American folk music/social musical game called ‘Nana Thread Needle’ that combines different cultural aspects like sewing and call/response. Here is a link where you can find Bassie Jones’ recoding (important Folk musician), video of the activity, info on history more..

in January we focused on musical aspects of dancing. In the older classes often discuss famous artists. Among the artists we talked about this January We’re the Nicholas Brothers and Gregory Hines. Here are some videos and other info for Nicholas Brothers

Inspirational visual artists

A ‘camp fire’ folk song we actually focused on last August and September but I wanted to make another mention this month because of it’s link to the African-American...

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