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FYI changes now&coming

Kindermusik has updates their APP in both Apple & Android stores. There's additional digital material like games but there are also a couple of small changes to settings placement/icon & sign in. I will be revisiting my APP post to include all the changes.

•Heads up for the new year!! Instituting a $10 increase on all passes for 2024. This increase will be annual from now on- every new year the term prices will increase by $10 at least for the next few years. I have not increased my prices since before the pandemic and inflation has hit me hard. I know this is true for everyone which is why I waited as long as I could.

•There will be a New regular Promo code To off set this - I have decided to continue my promo codes for helping me advertise. In the future you will be able to earn a $10 credit for spreading the word every term/season.

•You will receive your book & instrument once you've paid the one month minimum. Unless I have a special offer like this Holiday season where you can receive a book & instrument with the deposit.

If you'd like to see the winter to spring 2024 schedule

I have also decided 2024 will be my last year teaching all levels in the Schertz/Cibolo/NewBraunfes area. I will be looking for a replacement but even if I don't find one I will be closing down my NewBraunfels in 2024 and Schertz/Cibolo in 2025 . I will likely continue to teach some reduced number of classes and I personally will finish off the Musicians curriculum which will take through to the end of 2025. PLEASE If you know of someone interested in starting or adding a Kindermusik studio please ask them to contact me- I have so much experience & supplies I would love to share.

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