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  • Sally Dancy

Looking for Partners, Educators, Locations

Kindermusik is a Special Program that takes time-honored traditions, modern research, and applies it to our constantly changing world. I was a Kindermusik Parent first- become an educator for my children - a business owner because I fell in love with the community & mission- and eventually rose to Top Program during the challenging times of the Pandemic. I've seen this program from so many different perspectives.

But i am only one woman!! Our beautiful area desperately needs more Kindermusik partners NOW... educators, businesses, locations. There are days and time right now that I am turning parents away. I am edger to mentor anyone who is interested in joining Kindermusik along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to Austin where I am the only option (I hear from parents from San Marcos, Seguin, South Austin, New Braunfels, more). We need more in the record setting growing areas around NewBraunfels and even in San Antonio on the weekends. I am looking to downsize and eventually sell the business so I have so many contacts and materials to share now & eventually sell.

Kindermusik is also all around the world with so much depth and proven success with specially designed materials and flexibility that works for a lot of different applications with 22,000 educators before the pandemic in.... studios with lessons, PT, parent support, multilingual; in stand alone businesses, churches and other non profits, preschools, and even care facilities (for multi intergenerational arts & wellness). Many of us survived the pandemic and even thrived. Kindermusik adapted with a new app, virtual, home kits, and more.

Contact me today for information...

i'm on Facebook sally.dancy

text/call 210-373-5406

Kindermusik provides excellent education to prepare for offering the program and then flexible support after.

you can see Kindermusik's offerings here

And of course I have over 22 years of experience with the company to share with anyone who is ready.

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