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Music, Art all around us

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Kindermusik (KindermusikbySally) provides tools to bring & encourage music & art into family life. Of course music and art are all around us but sometimes we don't realize what's there or how we can use it.

In class I highlight sounds, sights, movements that the children & families may experience. Many families travel this time of year so we started June off with car trips, exploring music from around the country, visiting cities & towns. In July & Aug we'll start to explore different places like zoos, theme parks/fairs with some music from around the world and games to play. Starting at the end of Aug & through September we'll explore the water & beach. October we'll explore more about the outdoors including camping.

Example: To prepare for the sights & sounds children will experience during Independence week, class included exploring imaginative play with marching bands, fireworks, and patriotic decorations. We also ring brass bells in remembrance of the Liberty bell. Many historic American towns have town centers with parks, town halls, clock towers. After the Decloration of Independence was read publically for the first time, the Liberty Bell (the bell in the Philadelphia town hall) rang... in commemoration of this town bells are traditionally rung around the country around July 4th.

I also encourage families to share their favorite music with their children. Our country has so much diversity and so does our music! Because of different family/cultural context please research what would be appropriate for your family- look up on any streaming service you have or Google....

Examples of Recordings:

God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

Freedom by Jon Batiste

Marches (fyi there is one named Liberty Bell) by John Philip Sousa

Hymns like America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Star Spangled Banner, Lift Every Voice

The Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie

(Oh so many more of course)

Musicals that are fun to watch for their American music & story :

Annie (both the original & the modern version)


The Music Man

Yankee Doodle Dandy (be careful looking up Yankee Doodle musical performances because since it's older & more likely to come across racial stereotypes)

Art Monuments/ Americana Art of interest :

Yankee Doodle Dandy Painting (also called The Spirit of 1776)

Norman Rockwell

National Mall & Archives

Other American monuments of interest are Harriet Tubman's monument in Philadelphia, Dignity of Earth & Sky in South Dakota

Here is San Antonio: several pieces of public art of interest including the sculpture Torch of Friendship, (on display down town near the convention center), the stone mosaic mural Juan O'Gorman: A Confluence of Civilizations (seen from end of river walk), and the pop art of World's Largest Cowboy Boots ( on display in front of North Star Mall) , of course all the historic missions (including the Alamo).

What music & art did you experience? What was in the movies, the parties/parades, the fireworks, the sunset? How was sound and color and movement used to get your attention? Did the sounds, color, movement connect with you?

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