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  • Sally Dancy

Sensory Learning through Kindermusik

There are so many things to think about with littles and the senses. When babies come into this world they are suddenly in control of their raw senses… no longer buffered by the womb. During this time their brains and bodies will be shaped by what they experience. Music helps to organize and manage the input… it’s a very efficient tool!! Kindermusik provides you with quality music (and other tools like books & instruments), environment, advice, and guidance.

We also need to protect those new organs…

Especially as we look to celebrate with concerts and fireworks it’s important to think about sensory overload AND sensory organ health.

Here is an article about protecting young ears/hearing

There are more than 5 senses. We always think about … touch, hearing, seeing, taste, smelling… all important. But there are several other senses and combinations of senses used for internal and external awareness too. For example… To move you need several including touch of outside objects (floor, ball, etc), the feeling of our own body parts (that’s my foot or hand or whatever), and vestibular (which is the sense of our body’s position in reference to the world or space in general).

Of course there are also several internal senses of our body like feeling internal aspects of the body (everything from pain to hunger to when we need to eliminate) and external environment. And these can interact with our emotional and social responses.

That’s just a so much stuff to manage- how can we help our children with this process??

Pairing music with your senses is one of the most efficient processing tools. It can help manage all of that data.

Learning how to processes sensory input and ReSpOnD. From birth and throughout the first years of life the brain and body are learning to integrate the senses. This means the brain body are working to build connections to use the senses, manage/filter what is coming from the senses, and process that information into usable information. So children seek out sensory information party because they need sensory information to build the brain & body. But at the same time that can also be tiring, overwhelming, confusing, even upsetting.

A big part of the developmental process is learning to manage and how to react to sensory information. And that is different for Every Person- every child is different, every parent is different. We all need to learn through this process- child, parent, teacher, society.

Managing sensory input and output leads to learning to control the systems of our body & brain. So everything from controlling movement to controlling learning to controlling our emotions & social interactions.

It’s almost impossible to list all the things with which Kindermusik can help both you and your child.

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