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  • Sally Dancy


Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Whether reading a story in class, listening to your child’s stories, using stories to explore a concept, connecting stories to song….

More than just literacy, stories help with a lot of development. Like social & emotional…. Sitting together for story time is a social group activity that helps with one kind of social emotional development while bedtime story time develops a whole different kind.

Children’s Story Books can help visualize so many concepts… sequencing, rhyming/phonetics, rhythm/grammar, basic knowledge, familiarity with routine, juxtaposition, humor, and more.

But story exploration isn’t just about using pre-made materials, it’s about creativity.

And in Kindermusik we nurture the skills needs for creating our own. From improvisation to memorization to pretend play to production.

Creative story expression can even be things like imaginary friends. And all story exploration helps with social learning, providing practice for important skills and emotional support. Our children’s imagination is an important tool.

I experienced this as a parent when my oldest used an imaginary friend to manage emotional and social stress in early elementary school.

Like many arts storytelling combine knowledge, logic, and creativity.

This month we read a story that explores rhyme, one that exercises eye tracking, one that uses song, one with seek and find, more. To see the Kindermusik story themes and books available this season check out the post

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