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Small Group Classes & Lessons in Music & Arts

for 3-5, 4-6, 5-8, 8-10 year olds

Small social groups for learning about music and the arts. Children can be dropped off but parents are always welcome to observe and even participate (parents not required except in specific situations handled on an individual basis or specific classes which listed as with parents).  For classes designed for multi-age siblings & parent/caregiver participation- see Family Parent/Child classes.

Weekly Curricula: Kindermusik Levels 3, 4, 5 for 60-65 min

                           Special note about Level 3- currently most Level 3 classes (2-4yos) are done with parents in the room but in individual cases a child can be placed in a Level 3-4 or 4-5 class.

                           New Kindermusik Musicians Curricula- a cumulative 2 year program to prepare children for individual lessons in the performing arts with special focus on musical skills, language, history.

Activities include:  exploration, musical movement, story & theatrical pretend play, historical & theme reference, instrument & concept immersion & instruction, musical language development (form concept to symbols to notation), improvisation, exploration and theatrical arts

Special events: Art in my Park, Holiday Celebrations, Meadow Explorations, Drum circles, Presentations, etc

Preshcoolers Level 3 or 4  engage in creative music and arts with fun and diverse themes as they transition from Parent/child play into a small group of students with a teacher. By using musical and theatrical play the kids are immersed in music/art concepts, language, pattern, form, and classification at a personalized developmental level.  By working withins a group they learn to use those basic concepts and structure as they interact as a team.  This structure then helps the children adapt and relate during this time of emerging social interaction and independence of your preschooler.

School age KM Musicians (use to be called L5 Young Child)  Class requires evaluation or prerequisite level 4) small group class is for your growing musician/artist to learn even more about the structure of the Arts and to prepare them for personalized, private instruction/lessons. In addition to the introduction of musical & art language and notation their developing fine motor skills are coordinated with more complicated instruments, movements, & projects.  Your budding musician/artist experiences musical, dramatic, and production art projects, & movement/drama/art games there they are introduced to and immersed in theory and history and encouraged to develop skill in improvisation, composition, and ensemble.  Children are encouraged to share what they have learned with family & friends and family is encouraged to join in the fun at the end of each class period.

Presentations (instead of recietal) are scheduled in Spring & Fall (occasionally in Summer) to allow an opportunity for kids to share their projects with family & friends in a story format.  These events allow practice for the skills needed for performance but with low stress & supportive community.


One-on-one min-lessons available for any child at this level so each child has an opportunity to explore a favorite instrument/media in more depth while staying in the class for best developmental practices.

Family activities available (special events or sharing at end of class) so child can have fun making music & art with siblings and parents.

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