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Our Services

  • all caregivers welcome with our without little's

    15 US dollars
  • Children with Parent/Caregiver,movement,arts,more

    Started Sep 16, 2020

    10 US dollars
  • Children with Parent/Caregiver activities...crafts, music, more

    Started Sep 16, 2020

    15 US dollars
  • 1 hr

    100 US dollars
  • 1 hr

    40 US dollars
  • child/caregivers/siblings of all ages welcome

    1 hr

    40 US dollars
  • baby(prewalking)/introverted toddle & caregiver, unlimited attendance

    $50month, $120season
  • special class for babies and youngtoddlers and their caregivers

    130 US dollars
  • for caregiver&baby/toddler, focus on 1-2yo, unlimited attendance

    1 hr

  • for caregiver&child, focus on 1.5-3yo needs, unlimited attendance

    1 hr

    $60month, $150season
  • all child/caregivers/siblings welcome, focus on 2-4yos

    1 hr

    225 US dollars
  • child with parent/caregiver/siblings/family class; with focus on 3yo's

    1 hr

    160 US dollars
  • Visual, Media, Theatre extentions

    80 US dollars
  • small group musical lessons; 3-5 focus; parent participation at pickup

    170 US dollars
  • small group musical lessons; 4-8 focus; parent participation at pickup

    1 hr 30 min

    190 US dollars
  • small group lessons combo exploration,visual,theatre,instruments

    240 US dollars
  • small group musical lessons; 4-8 focus; parent participation at pickup

  • small group lessons with exploration of voice, strings, keyboard, wind

    180 US dollars
  • 1 hr

    Free Consultation
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