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To RSVP, register, pay...

*click and you can use the tools to search for a particular class, age group, or location

*OR contact me personally for a link or in-person

*Starting for 2024 there will be an annual fee increase of about $10 (specifics vary) to offset inflation and so I can continue to offer the high quality of Kindermusik. New Fees were/will be posted in Nov for the following years classes on my blog, official class listings. I am currently updating all the places on this website through Jan.

*I will offer ways to get a discount by helping to spread awareness & enrollment of Kindermusik & my studio.

Indoor Classes Available 
Virtual & physical home kits & support Available
Private Lessons are currently booked up 

Below you can read about some of the class & payment options. BUT to register you will need to go to my new system (blue link above) OR contact me personally to register in-person or with a personalized link.

Our Services

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