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To RSVP, register, pay...

* and you can use the tools to search for a particular class, age group, or location

*OR contact me personally -- this summer I can send you a link for one of the following.... whole summer digital & in-person, a single month, or whole summer digital access with 4 in-person. 

*or I can do everything in-person (text, email, call me for an rsvp, in person card reader/cash/check, I even have paper forms if you prefer)

Indoor Classes Available 
Virtual & physical home kits & support Available
Private Lessons are currently booked up 

Below you can read about some of the class & payment options. BUT to register you will need to go to my new system (blue link above) OR contact me personally to register in-person or with a personalized link.

Our Services

  • for virtual & digital access & support

    $20- $40
  • child/caregivers/siblings of all ages welcome

    1 hr

    40 US dollars
  • caregiver&baby, focus on babies &/or youngtoddlers

    50 US dollars
  • baby(prewalking)/introverted toddle & caregiver, unlimited attendance

    $130season: plans av
  • caregiver&baby welcome, focus on 1-2yo

    55 US dollars
  • for caregiver&baby/toddler, focus on 1-2yo, unlimited attendance

    $140 seaso; plans av
  • caregiver&child welcome, focus on 1.5-3yo

    60 US dollars
  • for caregiver&child, focus on 1.5-3yo needs, unlimited attendance

    $150season; plans av
  • child with parent/caregiver/siblings/family class; with focus on 3yo's

    $165season; plans av
  • child/caregivers/siblings of multiple ages welcome, focus on 3-5yo

    $65- $70
  • contact me personally for specifics

    225 US dollars
  • small group musical lessons; 3-5 focus; parent participation at pickup

    $180season; plans av
  • focused for child 5-8yos, caregivers&siblings welcome to share at end

    80 US dollars
  • small group musical lessons

    $200season; plans av
  • Questions, placement, checkout location. Confirm date/time personally

    1 hr 15 min

    Free Consultation
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