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Healthy Happy Supportive Class Room

We will have Inside classes, use outside when the weather allows, & At Home kits.

Postponements do to illness & weather could still happen. I seldom have zoom classes but I can refer you if needed.

We at KindermusikbySally are committed to provide you with the most supportive, best development, and value.  Each facility will likely have their own policies that we will have to abide.  Currently back to normal policies-  No requirements for masks or distancing but we welcome personal choice to do so (just contact me so I can support your needs).

Check my Blog for current & timely updates and you can always contact me personally.  Click on the link if you want to see how I evaluate and adapt to public health situations & emergencies.


In pursuit of a welcoming, clean, safe, low stress environment, lets work together to be...

  • Supportive, forgiving, aware, respectful of one another. Remember everyone's different needs, experiences, opinions, expectations, risks.  We never know someone else's life challenges.

  • Prepared to move! For Kindermusik- flexible clothing & shoes that can be removed (many people choose to wear non slip socks).  Although not required, this does help with balance & safety.  For art and science activities - clothing & shoes must be able to get "up close & personal" with paint/dirt. For outside & science activities make sure shoes are stable.  Families please be aware of the unpredictable aspects of nature and watch your children. 

  • Vigilant about illness- please follow doctor directives and basic public health guidelines on avoiding spread of the contagious.... fever, stomach/intestinal, bacterial, rash.  Especially anything that is going around like hand/foot/mouth, RSV, Covid-19, or Flu.

  • Understanding... Not everything is contagious, foreseeable, or preventable.  There are chronic and non-contagious conditions, missed diagnosis, and accidents happen.  There is a certain amount of risk in any/all activity.

  •  Helpful... if possible,  leave distractions & possible hazards like snacks/drink/binkies/toys at home or in car and out of the classroom.

  • Do bring your studio tote bag, home assignment if any, anything needed for your child's health.  Milk for babies is always welcome.  If you believe you need a comfort item that may be an issue like a toy or food just contact me and we'll work together to find a safe practical solution.

More specifics below

I strive for my class room to be a "no judgment" and a "no mommy wars"  zone.  There are many different ideas on how to parent, keep healthy, etc.  I do ask that you be understanding of others situation.  Please be vigilant about limiting illness or allergens in classroom. I have a liberal makeup policy.  And there are a variety of things I do and you can do to help me keep the class room a happy & healthy place.  The following is meant to be a way of sharing information, not judgement. Contact me if you have concerns, questions, if you think something's missing....

What I do...

  • I share my experiences, encourage others to do the same.  I try not to dismiss someone else even if I disagree. And I'm forgiving because I know we are all human.

  • I follow public health & safety closures of the local ISD & CDC guidance.

  • If I get sick...  If I know it's Not contagious (I do have asthma & allergies & immune issues) I do teach but I still take extra precautions.  If it's contagious I will have a sub, reschedule, or cancel.  I have off weeks built into the season for makeups if needed for either personal or public health issues.

  • Everything used is cleaned- all instruments and objects currently being used are cleaned between every use.  I have a special bin for extra cleaning. I have a protocol for how things are cleaned depending on situation (below).

  • Every day I clean parts of studio, waiting area, and bathroom that are most commonly touched- door knobs, light switches, counter surfaces, vacuum or spot clean floors/mats,

  • Every week I do thorough cleaning-  scrub toilets, spot clean walls, carpets, or coverings as needed.  I will also steam floors & carpets if needed. (I have a protocol on weekly & seasonal depending on situation also listed below)

  • Every season I do a deep clean- including walls, cubbies, room dividers etc.  I wash down, steam clean. 

  • Outside the sun sterilizes everything constantly (sun light/UV ).   However I also do weekly (sometimes daily) maintenance of leaves, pathways, outside sink, tables- depending on situation.  I also do seasonal maintenance like dirt/grime removal, limbs. Remember it's normal for there to be some dirt, leaves, mildew (especially in wet years). 

  • I have makeups available.. you can switch classes or add classes for makeups, I have makeup weeks at least once a season. It is expected that everyone will miss a class now and then with the occasional illness/conflict (fees already reflect this).  However, It is also possible to get partial credits for future classes if you experience an extended illness (like if you miss a month or more for pregnancy issues, emergency, etc).

  • I have available in studio for you to use if you need or choose- soap&water disposable washcloths, cleaning wipes, paper towels. Also individually packaged anti-bacterial jell, tissues, Band-Aids, and masks (more depending on situation).

         What you can do, please... 

  • Be vigilant with your best judgement... and be forgiving of others because stuff happens. 

  • Please be especially careful if there are children under 1 years old  or someone medical fragile/condition is in your class.

  • Please stay home if you or your child are sick or show signs of possibly being sick (if you suspect, please check for fever, rash, mouth sores, stool consistency, etc)

  • Be particularly careful if you know something is going around (like RSV, Hand-Foot-Mouth, flu, Measles, etc).  

  • Use washcloths, wipes, towels, or tissues in class as needed.

  • Please follow Doctor and public health directives.  And give yourself or your child a day (24 hours) to be symptom free before coming back to class

  • Talk/get to know your fellow parents/families-- Try to be conscious and sensitive to their situation.  Some children and families may be particularly sensitive to illness.  Others may have symptoms that can be allergic or chronic instead of viral or bacterial-- chronic illnesses that are not contagious may still include a cough, nasal discharge, or skin condition.

  • Please let me know if you or your child has possibly exposed a class to something OR if you believe your child has been exposed in my class (I respect your privacy, this is so I can make smart choices for cleaning and canceling).

  • If you have a concern of any kind- talk to me and I will work with you

important public health notes and following pubic health guidance

* Be aware that because I am not an official school or child care center, I do not have a way (or legal status) for vaccination oversight.  Also I am required to follow certain state and federal laws regarding access and privacy.   I do have a stringent cleaning regime and I ask parents to be vigilant, aware, and sensitive to the needs of the families around them.  Kindermusik is statistically safer and healthier than most public areas, play or drop-in care centers.  And I'm happy to discuss the specifics of my studio anytime.

* Regarding what is use to clean... I use a variety of methods and substances.  Everything from special (enviro) cloths to hot steam to vinegar to chemicals designed for food prep /ingestion to more broad based germ killers.  I also use the dishwasher and clothes washer when appropriate and safe.  What and how I use depends on the situation, surface, and sound & safe practices.  Basically everything gets cleaned- instruments/manipulatives with every use, most of the environment every week, less accessible areas every month or season.   For those things cleaned by hand (vs machine), I ALWAYS use a rubbing method with special cloths to maximize germ killing affect.  I use ingestion safe products and/or soap & water rinsing on anything that is mouthed.  If there is a greater concern like a particular illness going around, I clean everything with a bleach or alcohol (or whatever the CDC directs) then wash everything with soap, water, steam, & cloth wipe down so it is safe for baby exploration.  If guidance suggests I will also wear gloves and a mask while cleaning.

*As with all public safety issues I follow directives from local, state, & federal authorities.  I look to the CDC for general guidelines and practices especially in regards to newly emergent or alert situations.  Usually the local school system is my guide for regional issues.  However, since I am a private business I am able to make some personal choices on how I provide services (like shoes, masks, etc).

*I respect each persons privacy.  And although I myself like my privacy on certain medical issues, I will share that I am vaccinated but immune compromised.  I follow my doctors advice on healthy practices for myself and those around me in my business.

In Conclusion, I'm hopeful that the above list helps us toward a happy, safe, healthy, supportive community.  Remember if you have a concern you can always come to me personally and I'll work with you.  I will also do my best to follow my own guidelines.  

"To err is human, to forgive divine"- it is impossible to predict or accurately evaluate every situation in words or deeds.  We are all just doing our best. #weareenough

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