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Realizing a dream for a nurturing, fun, creative space for families with babies & young children...

KindermusikbySally @DiscoveryMeadowStudio is our family business. Sharing, exploring, life long learning with creativity --process of inspiring & developing through music, movement, art, science, the world. 

Discover What You and Your Child Can Expect....listen, look, touch, move, feel, create together

  • our staff is caring, experienced, inspired educators

  • our home studio is on acreage with trees, plenty of south TX nature

  • our indoor studio room is climate controlled, clean, padded,

  • we move our bodies all around (inside without shoes, outside with nature)

  • we explore all kinds of movement, materials, experiences

  • we explore instruments that are specifically designed for a particular age

  • we look, listen, touch instruments from around the world

  • we touch, manipulate, & pretend

  • with art materials, balls, hoops, scarves, baskets, blankets, ribbons, puppets, props

  • we look, listen, imagine books, pictures, symbols, scenery

  • we listen and create all kinds of sounds from music, language, and the world all around

  • we create art, toys, instruments, patterns, stories 

  • we create music with ensemble, voice, body, dance,

  • we learn language, patterns, social structure, and how to use our brains

  • we learn how to use music and other tools for brain, body, and a balanced life

  • you take home a Kindermusik Kit (digital access, book, instrument), skills, a community,  and memories

We try to keep a healthy and happy environment with limited distractions and a no judgment zone.  We ask that you help us by following some guidelines for respecting each other and the space. 

We always try to be flexible and balance the needs of every parent and child-

infants, children, even us adults sometimes have a special need, so just let me know--

if you have any questions just contact Sally or instructor.

Below is a shortened version of our Policies.  A full written version is available on requests.

  • Come ready to have fun, with minimal distractions, and respect for others.

  • Try to keep toys, food, phone calls out of the class space (car, outside, home)- exceptions for special need.

  • Weather, Illness, and stuff happens. If an activity is canceled by the studio, we reschedule.

  • We expect families/kids to get sick or have a conflicts-- We ask that you let use know when it happens. 

  • We follow basic school policies on illness-- please use your best judgment. and follow public health guidance.

  • If you miss a class, you can make it up subject to availability- I will work with you.

  • Pictures may be taken-- please see welcome packet for optional picture release

  • Everyone loves to take pictures of their own kids:) So pictures are regularly taken


Note to parents...

of all children (special needs/special circumstances) .  Children can be placed in classes based on developmental and social needs.  We will work with you the parent-- your child's most important teacher-- to find the right class for your child and your family no matter what your specific situation.

All activities are developmentally focused and designed to immerse children in fundamentals while being fun.  Fine motor, gross motor, social, emotional, and intellectual skills are also developed.  

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