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How do we teach music, arts, creativity to every child at every stage??

Music and arts are scientifically shown to activate the brain more than any other activities--  So how do we do that for an infant, a very physically or mentally active child, or a child with a special need?  The most dramatic effects are seen when you and your child are engaged in and producing music/arts at whatever their/your ability.  This is what Kindermusik by Sally Dancy gives you...

  • Process based activities that are designed to meet your child at their level and in the way their brain is designed to learn.  

  • Fundamentals presented for you and your child in a developmental, fun, supportive environment. 

  • Exploration and practice of fine motor, gross motor, social, emotional, and intellectual skills for your child's level. 

  • A 'no judgement zone' with our educator's knowledge and experience offered as a resource.

  • Themes, subjects, patterns that are cognitively consistent so your child can use them throughout their lives. 

  • A placement based on your child's developmental and social needs as well as your comfort. 

  • Our experienced educators providing the direction and stimulation appropriate to your child, family, and class community.

Music and other Arts naturally stimulate the brain but it takes a trained processional and a truly innovative curriculum to target and optimize the effects--  and that is exactly what you have in Kindermusik and SallyatDiscoveryMeadowStudio.

Has WeeklyClasses & SpecialEvents

Possible Ages & Development Ranges 
For babies under 24 months

interactive with parent/caregiver 

classes, activities, events

for all 0-2 year olds

for just 0-1 

for just 1-2

For 1-5 year olds

interactive with whole families all age siblings welcome

Family classes, activities, events

1-4 yos or over3yos with parent/caregiver siblings welcome

also sometimes available age specific

2yos, 3yos, 4yos with parent/caregiver

For 4-7+ year olds

Kindermusik for 3-5 yo, 4-6yo, 5-7+yo

small group lessons

parents do not have to stay 

in Musical, Theatrical, & Visual Arts

classes, activities, events/camps

Lessons both small group and individual

in music or arts for ages 6-12

personalized lessons for your child, family, or group

As of 2023 lesson availability is very limited. In most cases only available for those previously or currently enrolled in Kindermusik.

An enriched supportive environment

Arts Extensions ...  added to Kindermusik classes or can be a separate class/event

For Younger ages arts, theatre, games, books, and exploration is added to enrich the themed experiences- can be in coordination with Kindermusik or other events.

Older kids are invited to explore our seasonal themes with more involved projects.  We explore experiment, & create projects inspired by great artists, using different kinds of media, and theatrical art that we can use in presentations. seasonal holidays or local celebrations

The whole family is welcome to celebrate together with all their favorites plus special projects or activities just for the season.

Presentations.... every Fall & Spring and sometimes at the end of weeklong camps

Not your average recital.

The kids in group lessons have a chance to share their favorite activities, songs, and stories from class by presenting a story inspired by the theme of the season.  Earlier in the season the children are given an opportunity to create art work inspired by the theme including possible backdrops, props, puppets, masks used in the presentation 

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