Family Activities

for one-age or multi-ages & siblings

with parent/caregivers

0-2, 1-4, 3-5+

For 0-2yo, 1-4, 3-5+ yo with parent/caregiver.  In 'Family Multiage' all age siblings welcome. 60 min weekly.

Sometimes I do hold classes for a specific age/level contact me for more info on this.

Weekly Curricula: Level 1, 2, & 3- tailored to a specific development level

                           Multiage-- will be tailored to the kids in the class. 

Special events and other extensions can include: Discovery Arts explorations, Art in my Park, Holiday Celebrations, Meadow Explorations, Drum Circles, and more

Activities & exploration may includes: free play & socialization, guided physical & mental, instrumental and vocal, exercises for fingers & whole body (fine & gross motor), language (visual & auditory), pretend & object play, art media, and nature.

Discover classes/activities for the family where you and your child are immersed in the arts.  Experience music, movement, and creative arts in a nurturing environment with family and friends.  Participate in developing skills for the whole child & family - mental, physical, emotional, social, and creative. 

Designed by a team of experts in early childhood, education, nurturing/parenting, brain science, music & arts.

Families and friends experience music & arts while having fun together.  We creatively explore and are immersed in concepts of music, movement, and creative arts. We use pretend play, exercise, nature, and object/instrument play.  Our professional educators tailor the class to the needs of who is in the class- taking into account the individual ages, needs, and relationship dynamics of all the children and adults attending.  The flexible pace and activity is perfect for a variety of families and children and completely inclusive. 

Also available are classes tailored to smaller range of developmental needs.

These classes/activities still do what is listed above but for a narrower range.

Level 1 is for young toddlers who are just starting walking & talking & inhibition control .

Level 2 is for toddlers/young preschoolers and other children that are focusing on mastering physical skills, language skills, and early integration of emotions and social situations.

Level 3 is for preschoolers for are confident movers and talkers and socializers but still learn best with the support of caregiver/family.